dead realm

  1. Afam

    Gaming Looking For A Gmod (Garrys mod) Collaborate

    Hey everyone I am looking for some to record with on pc. You Must be willing to record regularly,I Have A small group called jinx squad but im looking for someone that love to record regularly,not all the time.We are looking for people who are Passionate about YouTube, and Strive to give others...
  2. Creeforple

    Gaming PC Gaming collaboration

    I am looking for people to play games with i have a few people who i play minecraft with but i am looking for some people to play the following games with Minecraft GTA V Dead Realm Block n load GMod if you are interested leave your skype down below
  3. Creeforple

    Gaming PC Gaming/Youtube Collaboration

    PC collaboration I am a small youtuber with 35 subs i play mostly minecraft but want to branch out to other games the game i have are -GTA V -Minecraft -Terraria -Dead Realm -Gmod Requirements Decent audio Decent video quality Leave your skype below and a little bit of info on you and your...
  4. DreaM_HD

    Gaming Looking for people for a PC gaming group (like Vanoss or the Sidemen)

    Im a youtuber looking for some awesome people to make a group like the sidemen on YouTube. You need to be 13+ (I am 16), have a good quality mic and good videos on your channel. Also be able to have some top quality banter. Games that i have currently have and we will probably play are gmod...