1. Palooza Pizza

    A Weird Day In Washington DC

  2. sphamedia

    Thursday vs. Friday

    Hey guys, i was wondering about once a week uploaders, what day would you say works best for you, im thinking thursdays/fridays but does anyone have any insite?
  3. Scheck

    Dentist AND Opticians Back to Back :(

    My least favourite way to start the day!
  4. thumbhais

    Saving Money On Valentines Day

    Here's a short little guide on how to save your money on Valentines Day. Disclaimer: Some of these ideas are good, but if you follow through and you're single after Valentines Day, sorry. I'd also love for you guys to share some other creative ways that you'd save money as well! Please leave...
  5. AbeAdams1

    Valentines Day video ideas?!?

    I'm a male vlogger who doesn't know what types of videos to post for Valentines Day. Any ideas on videos to post in this week leading up to Valentines Day?