1. Elderberry

    Davinci Resolve

    Hello everyone, Since recently, I have started to edit my videos with Davinci Resolve and I must it it is a wonderful piece of software. It is easy to learn and renders awesome quality. You should check it out. I used to have trouble editing my videos but now my lastest videos has good...
  2. The Unwanted Letter

    Can a gtx 1050ti run davinci resolve

    Know resolve sucks power off gpu, want to edit at 1080p no advance colour grading, can the 1050ti handle this?
  3. The_Laughing_Ghost

    Davinci or Blender

    So I have been using blender to edit videos from the beginning, but I have seen a few videos about davinci and it looks cool If you have used both which is better. What was easier to learn. I picked up Blender pretty quick but I like the interface of Davinci.