davinci resolve

  1. S

    Free software for Grain / Digital / VHS effects?

    Hi, I’m using the free version of Da Vinci Resolve 17, and it doesn’t have Grain / Digital / VHS effects. Does anyone know any software that has these effects for free? Or does anyone know any free Da Vinci Resolve 17 plugins that have these effects? I'm specifically looking for grain and...
  2. C

    Davinci Resolve issue

    i can't install custom drfx files on Davinci Resolve. Can't find anyone else that has had a similar issue on google, so now i seek out help from you guys.
  3. TheAllSenses

    BMD resolve and Fusion for motion graphic

    Hi, All Does anyone here use these two software in combination to create motion graphic ? I think there are good alternatives against paid editing software.
  4. D

    Tips for catchy color grading

    Hey you guys, I am new to Youtube and yttalk and would like to get some tips how you colorgrade your Videos to get the best Results (Appeals and Likes) on Youtube. I tried som grading in Davinci Resolve, but doesnt look like Videos from the big Youtuber. Would be nice if someone could explain...
  5. The_Laughing_Ghost

    Davinci or Blender

    So I have been using blender to edit videos from the beginning, but I have seen a few videos about davinci and it looks cool If you have used both which is better. What was easier to learn. I picked up Blender pretty quick but I like the interface of Davinci.
  6. KingleBricks

    software on a buget

    I use the free davinci resolve as my main software i know they're are better softwares out there but for me the software does just what i need it to do since i don't have a lot of over the top editing/animation in my video. If you are just looking for a basic easy and fun to use software davinci...
  7. NRMRDyt

    Looking for a FREE, PROFESSIONAL, EASY TO USE Video Editor? Check Out This Thread!

    So I recently have been using a new video editor I discovered, and I LOVE IT! It has all the features you can want, it looks very professional, has all the professional features, its EASY TO USE, And best of all, its FREE, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST, NO PAYING FOR EXTRA, ITS ALL IN ONE FREE! The...