1. Matthew Lissoway

    Our surprise date ends in HORROR

    Hello and welcome to life the lazerway! Check this video out!!! :dance: I am so happy with how well this 1 turned out!:bounce: Thanks 4 your time! :wavespin:your gonna love it!
  2. DoggoMC

    YouTube Rewind 2016 Upload Date!

    So on the YouTube Twitter they tweeted "Just going to leave this here... #Rewind2016" with a picture of some seemingly random things lined up, but if you look, these objects spell out "DEC 7 2016". So, mark the date! Rewind 2016 will be out on the 7th of December!
  3. Mr Danny

    Dating Desserts!

    For all you dessertsexuals out there! If you've ever seen a delicious, warm, gooey, soft, intensely chocolately brownie and thought to yourself "DAMN, I want to date that sugary angel", then this video is for YOU! Go ahead! Watch it and make your dessert dreams come true...