1. Pixel_James

    Comedy Giant International Collab!

    Hi! Two years ago I released a video of me dancing, without any emotion, to Macintosh Plus - yaknow, that meme. Well, we want to go bigger. And I mean BIGGER! We're making a follow-up to this, where instead of me seated for 6 minutes, I am in various locations around South Australia. But, we...
  2. SeanFace101

    Drunk Dancing In Wiggys + FAIL

    Dancing Drunk In Wiggys House (Mark, Wiggy, Mick & More) + FAIL
  3. SeanFace101

    George Having A Wee Dance After The Match!

    Geo Leo Dancing After The Old Firm Match..
  4. bboytlil

    Anyone can dream, dreams aren't just for talent people, but to people who make it as their dreams!

    Anyone can dream, dreams aren't just for talent people, but to people who make it as their dreams! Shooting Star shows you guys parts of other cities In California while dancing, filming, meet new people, eating food, adventuring, doing street shows and going to Anime Gatherings & Conventions...
  5. bboytlil

    Studio Session Vol. 34 - Flare Airflare To 1990 & (KYS) Windmill Flare (COMBOS) | bboytlil

    HEY all you awesome people out there, so this is my bboy weekly progression.This week in Studio Session Vol. 34 you'll be seeing my Flare Airflare To 1990 & (KYS) Windmill to Flare combos! I was always inspired by Bboy The End and watching him do his Windmill to Flare is just simply amazing...
  6. bboytlil

    Studio Session Vol. 33 - Flare To 1990 & Airflare To 1.5 (Progression) | bboytlil

    YOOO~ It's Friday so I gotta hit you guys with another Studio Session! This week in Studio Session Vol. 33 practice has been super good since I was able to hit my Flare To 1990s, Airflare To 1.5 and also I'm working on baby airflare! This airflare variation is freaking hard and insane, but once...
  7. bboytlil

    Hey everyone, so we starting off 2017 with our breakdance progression! :D

    Hey everyone, so we starting off 2017 with Studio Session Vol. 32! This week we'll be showing you our Bboy progression! We had a lot of fun and everyone definitely killed the dancefloor! I hope you guys enjoy the video and have an awesome weekend!
  8. SeanFace101

    Friends Dancing.. Then, One Falls!

    Mark, Steph & Mick Dancing Drunk In Wiggys House (With Big Fail) Mark, Wiggy & Mick dancing MWI in Wiggys House & Wiggy (Stephen Docherty) picks Mick up and drops him on his face! The night of the Celtic vs Falkirk Semi-Final. Sean (Me), Chrissy Wallace & Big Steph there too!
  9. Doctor Dano

    PPAP Suicide Squad Halloween! [Parody]

    I kept the flow natural:up2:, kept it real.:cool: Gotta use that PPAP hype when its there lads and gals.. :D:up2: Feel free to Subscribe! See yaaaaa
  10. Cybrohazard

    Stoney Joe's Stoney Smoke Tricks!

    Hey guys. This is my latest video, Its a little different than what I usually post, but if you can give me some feedback that would be great!
  11. SeanFace101

    Geo Dancing At The Old Firm

    Geo Leo Dancing At The Old Firm Match Day.. George Leonard (Geo) dancing after watching the old firm, Celtic FC vs Rangers FC game. This was a great game and a great day in my Sean Quinn)'s house. Glasgow, United Kingdom.
  12. Chris the Swissmiss


    Somewhat NSFW Hope you enjoyed!
  13. CristyTango

    WHY WON'T ANYONE WATCH? I'll look at yours if you look at mine ;)

    I have been away from YouTube for a couple of years. I just recently made a parody video, thought it would be funny although I'm a little late to the game on the whole Drake thing. I just wanted someone to take a look and tell me if you think it's good/funny and what I can improve on on my...