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  1. S

    Vlogging At Home ?

    I have recently started daily Vlogging but i don't go outside all the time. the only Vlogger i have seen who can vlog at home is Romanatwood.The Vlog that i would make would be interesting but would it be interesting enough if i was to go outside. Any tips
  2. ggdeeofficial

    Starting a Daily Vlog

    Newest Video: Hi guys! My name is Dee and I just started a Daily Vlog Channel! It is something separate from my gaming channel but I plan on branching into it into the future to work as a cohesive unit. The content I want to vlog about is on how to be a full time content creator / gamer /...
  3. ggdeeofficial

    Need Advice on Daily Vlogging workflow

    Hi guys! I just started a daily vlog channel and i'm 11+ vids in. I record my day and edit on the same day. sometimes I get lazy and edit the next day. sometimes I get to bed late due to this. are there any daily vloggers here with any advice? like what time do you stop recording and start editing?

    Need advice on what to do with my channel development.

    I am a rather new daily vlogger and I just think that I need to jazz things up whether that concerns with adding origional videos to making them longer/shorter. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to message me on this thread!
  5. The New Travel Blog

    "Just Keep Uploading" - a short article inspired by Casey Neistat

    Hey everyone, I wrote this article today. It's inspired by Casey Neistat. I hope it inspires you to stay motivated with youtube. -Dan "Just Keep Uploading" “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it...
  6. AncientEmma

    The Vlogging Hype

    Hey everyone! So I've been watching a ton of vlogging recently, especially Casey Neistat. He just reached 3 million subscribers, which got me thinking. Why do people love daily vloggers so much? I'm not accusing, since I watch them all the time as well, but when my Dad watched a vlog with me...
  7. KanesThoughts

    Upping my Daily Vlog Game, can i get some feedback?

    Hey Fam, So Recently i decided to get tickets to vidcon and im Daily Vlogging now as well, they're short, edited videos that go up everyday at 6 AM (gmt) and i would love some feedback on them! thanks and much love! Enjoy!
  8. LRwF

    How is our brand?

    Hello! Iv been looking at ways to improve our channel recently (I have had a lot of spare time which is unusual). I was hoping for some advice and feedback about the look of our channel, if it is attention grabbing or not, so we can improve. We have also been umming and erring about changing our...
  9. Horse007

    Daily Vloggers...Do you write a plan out?

    So for those daily vloggers out there do you have a general idea about what you are going to film that day in the morning? Or do you pretty mush just yolo it as you go?? Maybe it's a case of you have a general plan for the day and film what you see interesting as you go along. Would be...