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  1. GregRawinski

    First Cardio Workout - Day 1 Fat to Fit Challenge

  2. GregRawinski

    2017 Fitness Challenge - Starting daily vlog

    Starting fitness challenge, I will upload daily with my progress, if you're looking to lose weight or get fit join me :)
  3. JaxJocular

    Should small channels starting out post daily?

    The reason I'm asking is I have a gaming channel, but because Im so small I feel degraded whenever nobody watches my upload. I was watching a MatPat video about pewds and he said sometimes less uploads are better then more. What do you guys think? And on a side note do you think to avoid editing...
  4. Meredith Bryan

    My adult son has to move out.. I'm losing my sanity!

    My son is 21..very disrespectful and I'm making him move out.. He has until the end of the month.. Find out why...
  5. Meredith Bryan

    Redecorating with a Feather boa!!

    Hi everyone!!! Today while Maddie was at school.. I did a little decorating in her room! Find out what I did and what I used! It looks awesome! My dogs are still in fight mode! At the end of the vlog Maddie does something shocking!! I'd love for you to hit the thumbs up! I'm a daily vlogger!!
  6. Meredith Bryan

    I'm doing my first ever Q&A!!

    Hi everyone!! I'll be doing my first ever Q&A!! I'm basically an open book! I'm so excited to do this and I'm hoping to get at least ten questions! It would mean alot if you could stop by and check it out! I'm a daily vlogger.. I upload everyday at 9am..Check out all the new videos !!
  7. Meredith Bryan

    Great hair day!!

    Hi everyone!! Check out what's going on over at my channel!! I'm posting daily Vlogs and I'm having a blast!!! I just reached 200 subscribers!!!! Can you believe that?!? Come on over :)
  8. Meredith Bryan


    Hi everyone ! ! Who wants to get to know me better ? Fifteen random things about yours truly . . . .
  9. Meredith Bryan

    Donald Trump and Christmas trees?!

    Hi everyone ! Today a few of my coworkers talked politics . . Someone referred to Donald Trump as having nazi tendencies . . That might be crossing the line . . I also put my Christmas tree up ! Too early ? Find out why I did . . .
  10. Antonio Crisci

    Im a New Vlogger, Should I Have A Specific Intro?

    Hey Guys, I recently started vlogging my college life daily and Im wondering if I should have a specific intro for the vlogs or just start the day, if you can give me your opinions id really appreciate it!