1. Kass

    This Game Has Everything! | Shower With Your Dad Simulator

    Daddy AF
  2. illusima

    Gaming YoutubeGG - Building a Community

    Hello guys! My name is Brandon but i go my illusima. I am currently in a group called YoutubeGG, it's a new group that was recently made Currently in the group - illusima - MurpyDerp - Onistar(Founder) ---------------------------------- We have an ARK: Survival Evolved server that we will...
  3. TheSpanishKorean

    Vlog Seeking Vlog Collab!

    Hello everyone, My wife and I just started our family YT channel and we would LOVE to collab with another vlog channel. We are a diversefamily and our baby is extremely mixed (1/2 Korean, 1/4 Puertorican, 1/4 white). Any good vibed vlog channel would be great! I also have another YT channel...
  4. Deltoy

    Fake Pranks and Setup Freakouts (McJuggerNuggets)

    McJuggerNuggets is the most famous staged channel recently. It's obvious he's staging his videos with every exposed video you watch. But this is not what I wanted to talk about. -- He uses kids for fan-mail. He's said himself that the videos are real, making most of his fanbase; kids believing...