1. S

    Comedy Sleepy baby
  2. tocsnipezz

    Comedy #crushes #love #tiktok #meme #funny

  3. George Hudson

    MY PUPPY!!!

    Brand new video and it's all about my #Puppy! Would be great if you could check it out and let me know what you think!
  4. FloFloBear

    Birthday surprise: Almond and Pancake the Guinea Pigs

    Hi! It's been a few months since I last uploaded anything, but I have been very busy finishing University. I am back now and I have a really cute video to share with everyone :) Hope you enjoy watching and it makes you smile. Let me know what you think!
  5. AshtheMonster

    Vlog Any LGBTQIA vloggers out there?

    I run an LGBTQIA channel and would be very interested in doing a collab: dedicated video with someone OR a shout out if we have similar channels.
  6. CharlieDaDog

    This is first video done by my wife.

    Hi all. This is my wife first video. I think she did a great job. On this video you can see our daughter how she plays play doh dentist, please be nice for them :)
  7. PenguinOnPoint

    Comedy Collabing and Moving Further out into the YT community

    Hey! I'm currently looking to work on collabs, and make good friends that I can grow with on YT. I don't have many subs yet, but I have confidence in my video quality, and I know I could be a great asset in any collab. My content is reaction and commentary videos, featuring a cute little penguin...
  8. Tiny Tunes

    Tiny sings the ABC Blues

    My kids finally talked me into starting my own channel and now I'm really enjoying it. I create educational songs and animation for young kids. This one features our little Rabbit "Tiny" as he puts a blues spin on the traditional alphabet song.
  9. Lizzeelive


    I continue playing I and Me! This is the fourth episode!
  10. Mr Danny

    Cute Animals!

    *infomercial voice* DO YOU LIKE CUTE ANIMALS? If you do, watch this video, there's cute animals in it! If you don't, go to therapy. :)
  11. alan3wang

    Comedy Looking for Love

    What's up, looking for a Youtube Girlfriend to collab and spend the rest of my life with.
  12. Kecha.L

    Feedback on my very first DIY?

    So I recently made my first DIY video of tassel Garlands! I love doing DIY projects so I decided to film one as I was doing it! The quality isn't as good as some but I would greatly appreciate some constructive criticism on this video and tips on how to make my video better since I would like my...
  13. paigelknowles

    Urban dictionary challenge... umm yes please

    The boyfriend and I take part in some light hearted fun in this video! You haven't seen an urban dictionary challenge quite like this one, so you'll want to check it out! Make sure you watch till the end to see the surprise twist ending!
  14. MoonandBeyond

    Chapstick and a Scary Bird

  15. nia draws

    Request Looking for a cute intro for my channel!

    Hi I'm Nia Draws, and I'm an artist who draws cute cartoons!! I've been having trouble creating an intro since most templates I find blare dubstep music and do that heartbeat thing. I would like to have a really cute and simple 3-6 second intro that features my channel name and logo! As far as...
  16. Olivea-Sea


  17. Mauricio

    baby kairi reviews a new toy

    Kairi loves her new toy and i am happy her great grandma bought it for her
  18. Hulio

    Toddler Discovering His Shadow

    All the best to everyone going into 2016!
  19. Kanashimi

    Pusheen Unboxing [December 2015] It's So Cute!

    Someone was kind enough to get me a subscription for the Pusheen Box for Christmas! I was really excited to see what was inside it. What do you guys think of the content?
  20. Stoobs

    MAN VS BABY .. Baby food eating challenge!

    Pretty cute video, let me know what you think!
  21. Eirinn

    Staffy and jack Russell wresting

    Kizzy and Thom were having fun wrestling! :D
  22. Eirinn

    Dog drinking in slow motion

    Kizzy, my staffordshire bull terrier, drinking water in slow motion!