1. 2MenArmyGaming

    Feedback New Gaming channel?

    whhaaattsssupppp great people, I have a starting youtube channel and my question to you guys is if you can review my channel. I would like you to criticize one of my dark souls 3 commentary viddies and if you don't got the time or feel like it, can you just give me some feedback on my profile...
  2. MattFPS

    Channel Review and Improvements

    Wassup YTtalk!! I've started Youtube a while back and I was expecting more subs by now. If you could give my channel a review and send back some feedback I would love it!! Thanks a lot Matt
  3. Ans Marie

    Review My Channel?

    I've been doing youtube for almost two years. I'm not growing as fast as I would like, and my subscribers are very inactive. Of course I am grateful for what I do have, and I know I shouldn't worry about numbers. However, I would appreciate some constructive criticism to help me create better...
  4. Ebliar-Nevo

    Constructive Criticism

    Would anyone mind giving me some constructive criticism for my YouTube channel? It can be anything at all that I can edit and improve. Feel free to be mean...
  5. Martin Clash Games

    My channel

    Hey! My name is Martin or ClashGames and this: , is my YouTube channel! Now, I first started my YouTube channel about four years ago and switched between three different channels. 137 subscribers (my current subscriber count) is the most I got, and I usually got it...