1. Shafiqul Islam

    How to increase my cpc?

    My cpc is 0.00. Per day I got good organic traffic like 10K++ but my cpc is 0.00 :( What should I do now?
  2. M

    232K+ Views And Just $23 Earning What Could Be The Problem ?

    I've This Video With 232K+ Views And Getting Average 10K Views Daily But The Earning Is Just $23.09 Video Length 1:20 Average Views Duration 0:37 What Could The Problem ? Low CPC Keyword or the ads or watchtime ? Any Help Will Be Appreciated :)
  3. KiddieToysReview

    Blocking low Paid CPC Ads to Increase Adsense Revenue

    I came across a number of videos that talk about blocking the lowest paid CPC ads on your channel. This will apparently enable more higher CPC ads to be served (since Google appears to serve about 60% of views with ads). So if 20% of those are low CPC, and you cut them out, the rationale is that...