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  2. Y

    Video takedown, copyright claim - cooking video

    Hey Guys, over two years ago I’ve uploaded a video where I’ve cooked something and used a recipe from an author. I gave said author credit in my description as “Credit: websitewithauthorsrecipe(dot) com”. The author was not mentioned by name, and the website was not the authors website but...
  3. Cyn's Corner

    Copyright strike to be lifted and can re-upload - why?

    So I emailed a company about the strike that was put on my account for a reaction/review/critique video I did of a movie trailer. Because I am confident that my content falls within fair use, I disputed the claim and then appealed the rejection of that dispute. When the appeal was rejected I got...
  4. S

    Account suspended after 'information within legal request was fraudulent'

    So I received the email three weeks ago saying; We are concerned that some of the information within this legal request may be fraudulent. As a result, your YouTube account has been terminated. If you believe that all of the information you provided in this legal request was accurate, please...
  5. TopFelya

    Does Youtube protects up loaders videos and takes Copyrights issues seriously ?

    I've reported hundreds of videos( Mig-29 takeoff) which were re uploaded without my permission . Now some of the videos were reinstalled by YouTube and some of them got more then 3 million views and people still making money on them. Ive invested the money and time to produce my videos. And it...
  6. I

    Still waiting for my counter notification after 14 business days

    What should I do?