copyright (legal subject)

  1. S

    Ways to research video idea before making a video

    Hey folks, I'm struggling with this question for a while, how do you approach research for video idea to make sure it's unique (considering the fact there's billions of videos on the internet plus they can be in different languages and on different platforms like youtube, facebook, tiktok...
  2. S

    Is this a Joke to YouTube? "We were unable to process the counter notification based on the information you provided to us."

    Lately, someone has been trying to completely destroy my YouTube channel by mass copyright claiming my videos, and I've gotten over 10 copyright strikes in the span of a week or so and they've been increasing every day. I immediately got an attorney to help me with this, and he's filed...
  3. R

    Write A Video Credit In Your video and stay safe from copyright

    hi experts. I've seen a lot of YouTube channels that cut out some of the videos from other channels and use them in their videos. And write “Credit: channel name “on this extracted clip. Can doing so protect us from copyright? please guide me. examples are down below.
  4. LandyVlad

    Copyright stats (source: YouTube)

    Directly quoted from the YT website: Over the past five years, we've paid out over $2 billion to partners who have chosen to monetise their claims using Content ID. There are 9,000+ partners using Content ID, including many major network broadcasters, movie studios and record labels...
  5. K

    Am I allowed to use the soundtrack of the games i Play in the Video?

    Am I allowed to use the soundtrack of the games i Play in the Video? I created a video where I play through the batman Arkham videos and I used the soundtrack from those games and i got copyright striked? Am i not allowed to use that music even though it is free advertisement and stuff. Video:
  6. C

    [YouTube Product Forum] Stolen content, and then lied on the counter copyright claim - And won too!?

    Hello All, We have a client whom uploads video compilations related to: game streamers showing the *best of* type content. The client has never had any copyrights, since he always offers to remove the content by offering his email for communications. Recently our client noticed others copying...
  7. OndaWire

    Can someone give my concrete advice

    Hi Everyone. I do tech reviews and a company just sent me a product for free. I want to do a review on it but would that be considered sponsorship and do I have to check the box when uploading that the video that it was sponsored even though it was free? Thanks for the help in advance
  8. K

    How youtube allow these channels to use copyright images and video

    Hi all :) i new to youtube and like to start new channel and monetize it. i am concerning about the fair usage of copyright material, My channel will be History documentary based so it gonna use lots of copyright images. I saw various youtube channels on what ads are running but they are...
  9. Mark Stise

    Copyright does that apply to a song done in 1928?

    I current project evolves a song my Helen Kane called I want to be loved by you. She sang this song in 1928 but I can't be certain that Youtube wont flag it for copyright infringement. I mean how do I find out if a song done 90 years ago is even in the public domain or not? Do anybody have any...
  10. FaPN

    Why am I still getting copyrights alerts on my videos while I'm doing parodies ?

    Hey guys I create parodies using Tom and Jerry videos and everytime I upload a video I get a copyright claim ( from WBTV the owners of Tom and Jerry TV ) . I know that uploading cartoon videos ( which belong to big companies ) is not allowed on youtube but I'm making parodies so it's a fair use...
  11. Mark Stise

    How many seconds can a video clip be to avoid copyright notice?

    Hello Everyone How many seconds can a video clip be to a avoid copyright notice? One of the things I do I do videos for kids with cancer. I have my own set of Star Wars Clone Armor and I do shout outs for kids. But I've like to avoid any copyright issues that might come my way. So if I use...
  12. B

    "Add other people's videos to your playlists"?

    Now this seems extremely counter-intuitive to me but I read in a blog post that you should "add other people's popular videos to your playlists to improve rank and SEO" which would mean you would in effect capitalize on the popularity of other people's videos. Could it be that this isn't against...
  13. B

    Royalty free sources and CR risks?

    I'm speaking of sheer inexperience but are safe sources of royalty free material for commercial purposes with zero risk of illegitimate claims or any hassle by the authors/owners/uploaders of that material if they see their material being used commercially in a video reaching ...say... 1.5M...
  14. C

    Live broadcasting sports, warmup music & copyright

    Hi - This is more of a preemptive question. We were broadcasting on and had no problems, but are moving to YouTube Live. I'm the advisor for our school broadcasting group. We have permission from the state high school league and/or appropriate sections to broadcast sporting...
  15. Tarek 47

    False Strike again

    hi there i really get confused with YouTube system i cant understand this guys how the heck can someone who hate me and abuse me and YouTube system give false report on my video (despacito song) and give me strike even he don't have the copyright of the song neither i do ..and YouTube team...
  16. Tarek 47

    Can i use others youtubers Gmv or Amv in my video ?

    I was uploading another YouTubers Gmv and Amv and translate them to another language and I give the credits to them in my description but I was wondering if this is legal or I should tell the owners that I take their video and use it and if I don't tell them can youtube delete or ban my...
  17. Raid MusicHD

    One of my videos got copyright claim, what should I do?

    Hi everyone, Raid from Raid MusicHD here. I hope everyone stay healthy and creative. Let's get straight So recently, one of my videos got copyright claim. I don't dispute this yet because a lot of people said that disputing copyright claim isn't the best answer. But I see a lot of YouTuber just...
  18. B

    Compilation Videos

    Hey, is it possible to create compilation video of other youtubers videos and upload it without getting copyright strike, or without getting video taken down?
  19. ToysForKids

    Quite the rocky start for a brand new channel

    A week ago or so we started our very first own channel. After uploading the first video we got two copyright claims on it. Both from blackbird chirping. I know the system is automatic and all but it's funny that I get a claim from something so uncopyrightable. I mean if I had to pick one thing...
  20. Dannyboy314

    Need some advice for Fair Use when it comes to WBTV

    So today I got an email stating that one of my videos has been claimed by WBTV. With this message: Video title: Arrow 5x15 "Fighting Fire With Fire" Review - Non-Spoiler Copyrighted content: Video clip Claimed by: WBTV Now I don't have a video clip in my video, I do have photos due to me doing...
  21. The NotARubicon!

    Difference Between a "Claim" and a "Strike" ?

    I have received many 'claims', several which I owned licenses for the content (music) and successfully appealed and a few that I just lived with the "cannot monetize video". The email messages from Youtube about these claims are very friendly with words like "Dont worry, your account is not in...
  22. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    How To Use Google Images Without Copyright Issue

    Hello best friends,Rohan here from Rohan TV & today in this video I'm gonna show how to use google images without copyright issue.Now as we all know that google image is one of the best sources for getting images.But all the images are not royalty free,some of them are copyrighted.But it's...