cooking videos

  1. antonblack

    How To Cook Pasta Like An Italian.

    Oh, so you want to make pasta, do you? Oh, so you think it is just about boiling some water? If you want to cook pasta like an Italian, there are rules, dear Lord, there. are. rules. It seems simple enough: water, salt, oil, pasta. TRICK! That was a trick! There is no oil. Want to...
  2. Miriam Kitchen

    Other Cooking channel collaboration

    hey tubers, i'm looking for a cooking channel to collab with. minimum 10K subscribers. i specialize (but not limited to) Egyptian cuisine. please email me if interested.
  3. AriannasHouse

    Big Franky Pizza Burger with Mini Pizza Buns!

    Basically exactly what the title says ;) A burger smothered in pizza sauce and mozzarella sandwiched between two mini pepperoni pizzas! Would love to hear from people! Please let me know what you think!
  4. mofya

    Other Cooking

    New YouTube channel. looking for foodies to collab with E-mail: Hi there! I'm a new youtuber and I'm really interested in doing collaborations with upcoming youtubers. As far as content to post, i post anything but i think im more into cooking and recipes but happy to do...
  5. foodiedork

    Do I sound monotone?! Feedback please!

    Hey guys, I recently started adding voiceovers to my cooking videos (instead of just adding text overlays to my vids), but my friend watched it and said I sounded monotone. It's just my regular voice though! What do you guys think? Should I go back to doing the text instead of the voiceover...