1. O


    I just found an interesting animation competition called “ANI MEME”, which calls for MEME animations! Participants are asked to create animation with their favorite MEME pictures. The most important thing is creativity, not ability! So anyone who loves MEME could join this contest! ( I will...
  2. Wayfire

    trying to grow organically

    I’m experimenting with different YouTube strategies. I’ll be giving away a $5 Amazon gift card (code) to a subscriber who watches the video entirely, like, and comment by 11/8. I
  3. PartTimeHero

    How to properly run giveaways/contests?

    Hey, Please post any of your experience, any feedback will be appreciated. Also, we would love to hear if anyone is familiar with a legal side of giveaways. Cheers!
  4. B

    Gift card giveaways to subscriptions for growth??

    I think hosting a contest in which you give away 100$ gift cards or something like that to subs could pay of very well if you're small... It doesn't seem very eloquent and all, but I don't think it's to bad.. I've seen channels which grow very fast doing that. It of course doesn't mean I would...
  5. B

    Asking to share the video better for publicity than asking to subscribe?

    When hosting contests, out of all the conditions you can set in order for the entry, I have a feeling that asking to share the video on one of predetermined social media, as the condition for the entry can be better for growth as it brings more publicity. I think if I had a choice between asking...

    Please watch my K-Beauty Haul video!

    I've entered a contest and it would really help if I got more views and votes! I would also love to get some feedback on your thoughts about my video and hope that if you like Korean cosmetics, that maybe it was helpful to you!!! All it takes to vote for me at StyleKorean is following any of...
  7. M

    Let's talk giveaways

    ok guys, so for an upcoming video of mine I was thinking of maaaybe doing a giveaway. First of all, my thoughts are, is a giveaway possible at this point or do i need to be a bit more "famous" before doing one? (In other words, have more subs and views in order to have a decent number of...
  8. AMX Gaming

    First Winners

    First winners of a game played during a frind's live stream, you too can play this game, find out how in this video
  9. Jonatan Moser

    Music Looking for remixes for my 'contest'

    I am doing somewhat of a 'contest' with deadline on January 15th. Long story short I do covers, mainly acapella/multitrack style. Lately a few people have been asking for clean lead vocal tracks for remixes, so I've decided to do a reaction video of all remixes sent to me before January 15th...
  10. Jonatan Moser

    Would people actually watch this?

    December 13th I covered 'Alone' by Alan Walker acapella/multitrack style. Several DJ's have been asking for a single lead track to make a remix, so I decided to gather all remixes finished before January 15th and record a reaction video for each one, then cut a compilation video of the best ones...
  11. Jonatan Moser

    Hit 400 subs!

    I am so happy for reaching this milestone! Especially considering that I have earned my last 80 subs on ONE VIDEO! After I signed up for the Peter Hollens December Song cover contest, my entry has gotten thousands of views, and my sub count has exploded! I am soooo happy! :-D
  12. Jonatan Moser

    Give my entry to the Peter Hollens 'December Song' cover contest a look!

    Hi there! This is my entry for the cover competition that Peter Hollens made for his new original christmas song 'December Song'. Give it a look and let me know what you think! :-)
  13. Dickjutsu

    Music December Song in Japanese Contest Collab

    Some of you may be aware that Peter Hollens is holding a contest to do covers of his piece 'December Song'. More for sport than anything I decided it would be interesting to enter the contest. Since my channel is about Japanese History and Culture I figured, Mr. Hollens said to be 'creative'...
  14. Porcupixel

    Runescape Account Giveaway! - 1 day left! Winner is announced tomorrow!

    Our Runescape Account giveaway ends tommorow (Oct 21). Watch the video to learn how to win! Good Luck
  15. AM2PM

    Hot Dog Eating Contest

    My bro and I race to eat 6 hot dogs.
  16. The Happy Gamer


    Enter into the Loot Crate Leftovers giveaway to win a bunch of cool Loot Crate stuff!
  17. javacentral

    Comment to win a bag of Starbucks coffee and 3 Java Central stickers!

    Contest ends May 9th!
  18. javacentral

    Contest to win free Starbucks coffee AND 3 Java Central stickers

    All ya have to do is comment on the video and you're entered!
  19. LoudMouthZander

    Anyone know of any good YouTube Contests to get exposure?

    I have a gaming channel and was wondering if anyone knew of any YouTube contests that's currently going on, particularly for gaming if possible. Is it a good way to get some exposure, even if you don't win?
  20. A

    Giveaways or contests to help draw traffic to channel

    Hello! I'm interested in doing a giveaway or contest somewhere like Facebook perhaps to help promote my channel. Anyone have any experience with this that would be willing to offer advice? I've never done anything like that before and I am new to Facebook and just started building a page to...
  21. Sentenza Gaming

    Pewdiepie's reaction to Donald Trump exploiting little girls!

    This is my entry for the green screen contest organized by Pewdiepie. It's my first video post on YTtalk and I would like to ask you guys a favor: Can you please go upvote my post in this thread please (External link to the forums) It would mean the world to me and it will increase...
  22. Sara Araujo

    Lucas Plays Mario Maker Level Challange

    Hi everyone:) I've got an idea for my son's YouTube channel - Lucas Plays! Lucas a 3 and he loves playing nintendo related games, from the old consoles to the new WiiU & 3DS. He's constantly playing Mario Maker so I thought why not get people involved on the level creations? So here I am! I want...
  23. SaltyPeppers

    Giveaway, how to pick just one winner???

    Hey YouTubers!! So I just posted my first giveaway! I had so much fun making the video, but now it's super hard for me to pick a winner! My only rules for the giveaway is they must Like the video, comment what area you live and Subscribe. How should I go about picking a winner?
  24. ZachYT

    Canadians! #Techmas Giveaways

    Hey hey! Wasn't exactly sure where to post this... but I wanted to connect here and share a major YouTube project I decided to do and wanted to share it here! It's open only to Canadians (sorry rest of the world!), and I'm giving away some truly incredibly technology for something I call...