Music December Song in Japanese Contest Collab


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May 8, 2016
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Some of you may be aware that Peter Hollens is holding a contest to do covers of his piece 'December Song'. More for sport than anything I decided it would be interesting to enter the contest. Since my channel is about Japanese History and Culture I figured, Mr. Hollens said to be 'creative', right? So I translated the song into Japanese and redid the music with a Japanese instrumental motif.

The problem is...I can't sing. So I'm looking for someone to enter the contest with. I'm honestly not super worried about actually winning the contest (full disclosure: rewriting it in Japanese may disqualify the song since part of the rules is not to change the lyrics), but I figure something this creative is likely to get at least a shoutout from Peter Hollens or one of his judges. I'm primarily interested in getting the view bolster that a shoutout from a guy who has 1.5 million subscribers can offer.

So if anyone is interested, I'm more concerned with someone doing quality work (a good microphone and the ability to pronounce Japanese is my prime concern). If you can pronounce Japanese (I'm not even worried about you actually being fluent, I already wrote the lyrics) and would like to participate, then let me know.

The contest ends on December 9th, so there is a deadline to get the work done.