content review

  1. Chicken Tendies

    Channel Review

    A while ago I had my Channel reviewed and I had some really helpful feedback. Since then I like to think I have changed up my editing style and have some more funnier edits. The areas of feedback I feel I really need is Content, Thumbnails, and Channel design. I have thinking about renaming my...
  2. JimBig

    Most Recent Video Review?

    I am not really sure what I am doing wrong with my videos because I record with a pretty good camera, but regarding my channel and video, nobody really comments on it and so I never really get feedback on what I am doing wrong. I am just getting back into youtube and all of my subscribers are...
  3. UnicycleFight

    Trying to take it to the next level!

    I feel like my video content has improved quite a bit since I started uploading but I know there is always room to improve! I'd also say my thumbnail/tagging game is getting pretty strong. If this were your video and you would have done something differently to make it more entertaining or...