constrctive critism

  1. Courtney Candice

    Constructive criticism gone wrong

    So last night on twitter I got a message from this random person telling me she can’t stand my voice on my videos telling me I need a new mic or Lower my volume, I told her very nicely that I live with grandparents that can’t hear so I’m use to having to talk loud so that might be it, but when I...
  2. HowToDudes

    Constructive Criticism

    Does anyone here do constructive criticism? We really want to know what we can improve on, and don't take it easy on us either. :)
  3. Sinser

    My First Time Smoking A Cigarette?!?!

    Yo yo yo guys i want you all to go check out this video for me and tell me how to improve just please give constructive criticism not just plain out be rude or mean about my mistakes. Don't Forget To Like And Subscribe!!!
  4. Glow

    Constructive Criticism Workshop: Improvement bound.

    Sooooo I was thinking! YES I know astounding yes? But this time it was something that could potentially help everyone invested. Sure it will take some BRAVERY! And DERTERMINATION! and dare i say it... GUTS! ANYWAYS, my thoughts were that those in the comments(myself included) could gather around...