1. NickNobody847

    Which Video Will Surpass 30 Billion Views First? What Do You Think?

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  2. Pedro Nascimento

    I can't decide which lense is best! Need some Help!

    Hello guys, I needed some help choosing between two lenses Which one has more quality? EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM It if for filming RAW with a Canon 5D Mark III Thank you in advance for any reply Pedro
  3. D_halfrican


    In this video i wanted to give my quick thoughts on comparing my asus laptop vs 2015 macbook pro. Spec wise these computers of pretty even between processor, ram and upgradability. Yet is the experience the same?
  4. JRuncie

    IPhone vs. GoPro Hero 5 Black for recording

    Purchased a GoPro yesterday, and decided after having to replace it today to do a comparison on what I have been vlogging on (IPhone) to the GoPro. Hope this helps others.
  5. Anjim

    The Lion King Was A Rip Off Of Kimba The White Lion?

  6. Adeelcool

    I'll watch every video

    if you have a viral video feel free to share it here because i want to see if there is a specific trend with viral videos and if you do not have a viral video yet share it so i can compare it to the videos that have gone viral and possibly tell you were you went wrong
  7. mastorus

    What type of mic should I use?

    I make gaming videos with commentary (Which aren't very good, but I'll improve eventually) and I use a decent headset, but I was wondering if I should switch to a normal microphone. I'm not taking mic quality to a count, just wihch one would be better in general. And I'm not talking about which...