community guideline

  1. M

    My Newly Created Youtube Channel Suspended / Terminated without copyright Strick

    Asalaamoalaikum i am Muhammad Adeel From Pakistan today i create a new you tube channel.. once i just uploaded three videos, short video having no sounds .. videos stuff i.e. Ocean waves, Sea view video clips just when i uploaded after ten minutes my account suspended don't know how ...
  2. V

    community guidelines violations for Hacking Video

    hlw, I'm doing youtube channel about hacking tutorials, so I turn off monetization for hacking tutorials and turn on monetization for normal (non-hacking) videos. So I want to know when I turn off monetization for hacking videos, youtube can mark that hacking videos as a " community guidelines...
  3. NoorMurad

    Banned for doing a giveaway?

    Over a year ago, back when I had my old channel, I decided to do a giveaway for what I can remember was a Minecraft account. A few days after I uploaded the giveaway video, the video got deleted and I received a community guidelines strike. I was really confused as youtubers do giveaways all the...
  4. GlobalDayz

    Views & RPM fall after copyright strike

    DO COPYRIGHT STRIKES AFFECT TRAFFIC & ADSENSE RPM'S?? I have gone from a $1 minimum rpm to .50 almost immediately after receiving my 1st copyright strike in addition to the 1 community guideline strike I already had..In addition I was averaging $100 /day minimum for the first 15 days of...