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  1. H

    How to start a youtube Commentary channel ?

    Hi guys, so I'm thinking of starting a youtube commentary channel, but I don't know how to come up with content like a famous commentary channel (Leon lush,leafyishere,etc..) , any suggestions on how to pick those kind of topics especially the cringy stuff on the internet.
  2. Justine

    Overwatch is Offensive (Not Really)

    So I found an article a few weeks about talking about how Overwatch is Offensive, and this article honestly feels like one big case of "I'm offended on behalf of people" so I though I should dig into it and talk about how Overwatch really isn't offensive...unless you make it that way. Thanks...
  3. C

    Commentary Collab with me!

    Whats going on guys my name Is chobruh and I have 90 subscribers,I am willing to collab with anybody from 60 to 140 subscribers.We can make any type of commentary together like a top 3 or a youtube or a rant video,though I like to upload only rant commentaries on my channel I am open for...
  4. ChaoticNarcotic

    I Need Your Help And Feedback

    I don't as of yet have a "big" following on youtube and asking for my viewer's feedback has proven a challenge so I come to you The youtube Talk Forum for I am in desperate need of some feedback. I have no intended goal in what I upload I just want to make great funny content for the viewer's...