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  1. Dante Gaming

    Gaming Comedy Gaming Group (Xbox,PC)

    Need good channels and people that are dedicated and good channels no channels under 100 subs please unless you have good videos
  2. Alex Engram

    Gaming Comedy Collab [PC/Xbox1]

    I want to record/livestream on PC or Xbox One and make people laugh. I currently only have 40 Subscribers on YouTube. (Link doesn't work below so you have to type Alex Basebound into YouTube) Games: Black Ops 3 Minecraft G-Mod Battlefield One Smite Rust The Forest Paladins CSGO and more...
  3. R

    Gaming LOOKING FOR 4 YOUTUBERS FOR A COLLAB [I have an Idea that may end in a friendship that will last]

    Alright so, 1st thing I want to give a little Backstory, Since 2010 I've been wanting to do YouTube Since I First watched "UberHaxorNova" & that went to "The Creatures" and if you have heard of them or Watched them in there Gloy Days [2011-2014] You know that they are a Group of YouTubers that...
  4. Camskiez


    Hey everyone! My newest video is my third stream highlights episode! There is mostly overwatch in here but also some rocket league in which I believe I might be one of the worst team mates in the game hahah. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and I hope I can get everyone laughing!
  5. Camskiez


    Just seeing if anyone else is interested in checking out my latest stream highlight video before the next one is released!! If you enjoy the content please like and subscribe new video out tomorrow!! Hopefully I can get you all laughing!
  6. Camskiez


    Today I reached one hundred subs and it really has made my day and put a smile on my face. Hopefully this is just the beginning! I love making videos and I love making people laugh if anyone is interested my channel is comedy gaming focused with videos less than five minutes that are sure to get...
  7. Camskiez

    INSANE ROCKET LEAGUE SAVE! WORST JOKE EVER! (Overwatch and Rocket League)

    Hey everyone my newest video is my latest stream highlights with a lot of hilarious moments. Hope you all enjoy!
  8. Camskiez

    Camskiez Stream Highlights #2! (Rocket League and Overwatch)

    Hey guys and gals! Just released a new stream highlights video of Overwatch and Rocket League that is sure to get you laughing! Join Camskiez and friends in a new adventure that will hopefully make your day a bit better!
  9. umbysworld

    IRRITATING STICK! The game where you move a stick! WOW!

    You'd think it would be easy, but the stiff controls make Irritating Stick a flippin' nightmare!! Lots of F-BOMBS!
  10. umbysworld

    Compilation of my gaming videos episodes 11-20

    Before I continue making my satirical retro gaming videos, here's another compilation!! Watch me ruin Spiderman, Captain America, Mortal Kombat and other precious franchises!
  11. umbysworld

    Compilation of my first 10 gaming videos

    For your convenience, I've smooshed my first 10 gaming videos into ONE VIDEO! ZOMG AMAZING! Much laughs in your future!
  12. umbysworld

    Two old people play Mortal Kombat (sort of)

    It's the 1990s and Mortal Kombat is the most realistic fighting game around. But is it a little TOO realistic? Elderly couple Martha (me) and Reginald (also me) are about to find out... the hard way!
  13. umbysworld

    Silent Hill 3 Quickie: Heather Calls Her "Dad" (NSFW)

    Heather calls her dad in the beginning of Silent Hill 3, but we only hear her side of the conversation. I've filled in the rest. Enjoy!
  14. umbysworld

    Pokemon Leaf Green VS The Ring: Terror's Realm OST - THE MUSICAL!

    Basically, I play Pokemon Leaf Green, but I take out the music and replace it with an infamous soundtrack loop from The Ring: Terror's Realm for Sega Dreamcast. Then I sing all of the text in a "Trapped in the Closet" style musical that will make you chuckle and also get stuck in your head...
  15. MultiDragon129


    MERCENARIES UNITED | THEY WANT IT... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey GUYS! back w/ some co-op Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries, this time were going into...
  16. umbysworld

    Why won't they let me die???

    The title says Skate or Die... but will I really die if I don't skate? In this video, I attempt to die by not skating, but it turns out to be more difficult than the game title would suggest. Will I ever experience the tender embrace of death? Or will I have to go on skating forever???
  17. umbysworld

    Racist redneck plays Captain America on SNES

    This is my 2nd video where I assume the role of a racist redneck. This time he's playing Captain America and the Avengers for Super Nintendo. If you like satire then check it out! SWEARING ALERT OR WHATEVS!
  18. umbysworld

    You tryin' to escape?? AW HELL NAH!!

    So they chase you... and then they stop... and then they go... and then they stop... WHY CAN'T THEY MAKE UP THEIR MINDS?? And then this guy starts poking the crap outta me! DERP.
  19. Ballistic


  20. umbysworld

    Jason Statham hates guys on ATVs!!

    Jason Statham is back for another Death Race, but holy crap the TMI levels are off the charts! Experience the sensual pleasures of vehicular manslaughter!! CONTAINS PROFANITY AND ADULT HUMOR!!
  21. umbysworld

    Take this job n' SHOVE IT!!

    In this video I play Kickle Cubicle for NES, but I take "cubicle" completely out of context and end up role-playing as a guy who hates his job. Please waste 7 minutes of your life and check it out!! (PROFANITY WARNING)
  22. umbysworld

    I'd like to solve the puzzle... STUPID... GAMING... VIDEO!

    I went and made a Wheel of Fortune video... because game show. The computer is pretty stupid, but so are the puzzles!
  23. umbysworld

    SPIDEY IS [not happy]!!

    SPIDEY IS p****d!! Kingpin's tellin' errybody that Spiderman is a flippin' terrorist! And they BELIEVE HIM! WTF??? Even the cops are after Spidey! He's not gonna take this lying down. If he does, he'll get teabagged. Join me as I assume the role of a very disgruntled super hero! As always, my...
  24. umbysworld

    "Rival Turf!" featuring the name changing trick!

    In "Rival Turf!" for the SNES you can do a trick to change all the name of the heroes and villains. Watch as I punch Babies, throw Iggy Pop, and Man Bang Pikachu!! I'm pretty sure it's hilarious!! As always my videos are full of profanity and adult humor!! NOT 4 KIDZ!!
  25. Saddy


    Welcome back guys! Hope you enjoy the video! if you guys enjoyed the video hit the thumbs up and make sure you let us know if we should make more episodes! Twittr:
  26. Ascriva

    First month 200 views!!

    I just finished my first month of YouTubing and i hit 200 views! I only have 7 subs so I would love to get to 20 subs by next month. 200 views is a huge achievement for me even because of the small amount of subs that I have.
  27. PsySpy Gaming

    Comedic Clips (Gaming and Editing)

    I'm actually challenging myself right now by trying to make a 'funny' video. I made a derpydur video making fun of Leafyishere a while back but I took it down (even though it was one of my most viewed videos) because I don't want to be known as the guy who does derpydur. It's really one of those...
  28. Dread Chemical

    100 Subscribers - Bean Boozled Challenge

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Music - or or - Follow me on...
  29. C

    ☻ Crave & T Play Minecraft - Gladiator Games | Fire & Ice ☻

  30. C

    ☻ Crave & T Play Minecraft - Gladiator Games | Fire & Ice ☻