1. TheSoi2

    Gaming A Collaboration Community Server

    Hello everyone my name is Soi! I'm a streamer/youtuber trying to look for youtubers/streamers or even just gamers in general who want to collaborate or just have people to play games with. The games people have so far are Minecraft, CSGO, Rainbow, OW, Rocket League and Among Us, Cold War and...
  2. ShireenPlaysYT

    Gaming 20 years+ Minecraft / Hypixel Collaborations

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for Minecraft collaborations - All of the people that I used to play with are either no longer playing Minecraft or are no longer YouTubers. I'm looking for people over the age of 20, who play Minecraft and post decent videos every week; I'm looking for a new group of...
  3. SSXGreg97

    Gaming Looking for a Collab Crew for some weekly fun (mainly golf with friends or cards against humanity)

    Hi, I've already posted here before but, I'm both on console and now high-end PC. I just got it recently so I can play any game. Reason I'm doing this is because my channel needs to stay up hand between editing videos I capture (on the ps4) compared to ones we can simply record on pc like cards...