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  1. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming LF Consistent PS4 Collabrations With Other YouTubers

    What does my collaboration consists of? I would like to make a collaboration paladins, gta 5, overwatch monster hunter world, destiny 2, and Rainbow Six Seige ( On The PlayStation 4 ) in which we will be trying to create different forms and types of content in the game." What are the...
  2. Nozy


    Hello, I am Nozy and i need someone to make gameplays for my tutorial videos! i do videos on helping youtubers grow! i do lots of Tech videos i will say but need someone to provide any gameplay for me and when done we post it on each others channel. if you are ok with that then reply below and i...
  3. Shurikex

    Gaming Collaboration For Overwatch, League Of Legends,ETC

    Hey Guys I'm Shurikex I Have A YouTube Channel That I Started About 3 Weeks Ago Now And I'm Still Looking For My First Collab I Have Around 50 Subscribers At The Moment And Still Growing That Been Said I'm Down To Doing A Collaboration With People Around The Same Level If You Guys Are Interested...
  4. Ans Marie

    Vlog Collab Anyone?

    I'd love to work with some youtubers and branch out to new types of videos and topics. I make videos from little skits to beauty to book reviews to movie reviews to sit down rants/vlogs. If you want to check out what type of videos I make here is my channel To contact...
  5. bloodmoney207

    Gaming looking to do a collab video or put together a group

    hello blood money here im making this post to see if enyone would like to make a collab video sometime of if so partner up in the youtube game i just recently started up a gaming channel up on youtube i try to upload everyday if you have a ps4/xboxone/pc its all good im all set of course you...
  6. MythicalTaco

    Gaming PS3 Collab ! No amount of subs.

    So if you want to collab with me.leave your psn down below or Skype ( But you gotta have a mic ). I have bo2, minecraft, battlefield 4, cod ghosts, mw3, fifa 15, and gta 4. Don'nt worry i'm always active and i'll get to you as fast as i can! :)
  7. BernieTheTree

    Vlog I have 6000 Subs and want to VIDEO SWAP with YOU

    Hello you! Thank you for reading this weird post. A little bit about me. I have nearing 6000 Subscribers and I am looking to arrange videos swaps. The idea is you private message me and we pick a topic to make a video about. We swap videos and your video is uploaded to my channel and seen by...
  8. EpicMynd88

    Gaming Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U Collaboration Matches

    Hey youtubers, If you want to collaborate with me via super smash bros, my NNID is EpicMynd25. We can help each other out. Spread the word!!
  9. LaseRain

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab

    Hey. I'm looking for somebody to play with. If you want to record a let's play with me you have to meet those conditions: Age more than 16 Subs 220+ CEST time zone (Europe) Good audio Mature And the most important.. Just have fun playing ;) We can play games: Garry's Mod (the most funny...