collab 500 subs

  1. IFGamingYT

    Gaming Ps4 Black Ops 4 Collaboration

    Hi I'm Izzy from Insane Freaky Gaming and i want to thank you for taking the time to view my request. I'm 18 with 500 subs and would love to do some collabs with fellow youtubers in the community. Currently i specialize at creating montages for lots of games, but am focusing on Bo4 at the...
  2. jacksback

    Vlog ONLINE Collab Or Shoutout for Shoutout (i do vlogs and other videos)

    YO, my names jack im 15 and im looking to do an online collab (not really sure what but ive seen other youtubers do it so yeah) or shoutout for shoutout (but the shoutout would have to be good and not cheap) so like we could review each others channel etc. If you're interested in doing any of...
  3. CJA

    Gaming PC Collaboration

    Hey guys, Anyone interested in a collaboration. I play most genres . Shooters, Horror's ect ect feel free to check out my channel for a better overview of the types of games I play. Im also open to playing something like Human fall flat or something comical. Anyway let me know if your...
  4. DTay Chaos

    500 Sub & 100,000 VIEWS Q&A!!!

    Yo! Im doing a Q&A on my channel since i hit 500 subs! Follow me on Twitter: ask me questions using the hashtag #ASKDTAY would mean so much to me! ps. if anyone with 500 SUBS+ Is willing to a q&a collab then reply asap thanks!
  5. kayes

    Other I'm starting a better version of Team 10. Who wants to join?

    Read below. Requirements: Have 500 subscribers at least, be partnered, upload often, or if you want to upload often, willing to be active, use Discord, live in the U.S. or Canada, willing to collab and network with each other. All categories of channels will be considered, as I'd like a little...