1. lukeandalexgaming123

    Gaming anyone wana come chill and play some games

    type of games:-any dose not mater the size of your channel need to have Skype because im trying to create a gaming community and make sure to join the clan on games like and that is the clan me and my freinds made im also changing my channel from lukeandalexgaming to Luke...
  2. lukeandalexgaming123

    Gaming looking for a gaming collaborator

    you must be over 100 subs need to have a good pc/computer to handle big games like gta5 and csgo need to speak English,need a good mic/headset for video purposes and last of all list your channel and other things like skype and i will get back to you on skype if your not sure go cheak out my...
  3. Blaine Gaming

    Gaming PS4 Colab for Channels of Any Size

    I'm looking for a couple of YouTubers with a PlayStation 4, I am a small YouTuber with only 4 subs, but I also only started one month and I truly believe I could go somewhere and that could help my family out of the money crisis we are in, and I'm doing everything I can to do this, I have SW...
  4. repomannw

    Gaming Looking to do some youtube colabs :) for PC

    add me on steam therepoman8 or skype therepomannw, I just recently turned 30 pretty big fan of civ 5, been known to play some league of legends (pretty awful at it haha) huge minecraft fan etc :) pretty much up for anything so let me know if interested.
  5. LuminousLive


    Hello there , my name is anthony and i want to record a video with YOU! first of all lets get right into the requirements -100 subscribers or more (can make exceptions) -good microphone -extrovert -outgoing personality -professinal channel branding PLEASE READ THE REST IF YOU WANT TO KNOW...