1. Dread Chemical

    COD Black Ops 3 Multiplayer #1 - 1 Vs 2

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out their channel HanchaGaming - MrPhyko - Music -...
  2. Jensen Blair


    Hello i would love to collab with someone on a game like BO3, GTA V, MINECRAFT, COD AW, BF4 and more. if you want to collab then in your video you should put my channel link in the description, thanks for reading and to add me on XBOX ONE my GT is ---- JensenBlair ----- thanks guys
  3. BangCryDie

    Gaming Collab PC

    Hey guys i am new to youtube and am looking to collab with someone i have small gaming channel i play games like CoD Black Ops 3, Orion Prelude, CS:GO. And will be buying more games like GTA 5 and others in the steam winter sale. Upload 1 video in week at lest and I am not always playing...