clash of clans

  1. A

    Gaming clash of clans 1 star only undefeated base

    This is a must watch video. Th10 1 star only (rare) You will like this base so much.
  2. B

    Just hit 3K views

    Whoop whoop just gone over 3K views really happy :)
  3. B

    What’s the best way to attract new subs??

    hey I am fairly new to YouTube and my channel is growing slowly but I was wondering if anyone could help with some tips to attract new subscribers? I want to reach 100 so I can get my personal URL. Any help is appreciated :) Thankyou
  4. T


    I will play any android game. I normally play games like clash of clans, clash royale, Bloons TD 5, but I will play anything if u wanna collab.
  5. Deathly Barb

    Made It To 50 Subscribers!!

    Hey guys I finally got to 50 subscribers and to make it special i made 2 videos to thank everyone!! If you don't know me, I am a 13 year old new Gaming youtuber currently I play Clash of Clans and Clash Royale but I'm open to any ideas! If you want to check me out on youtube and if you sub...
  6. demetrius mitchell

    first clash of clan vid. hope you guys like.

  7. AsaschaYT

    Gaming Want to collaborate? (Mobile Gaming)

    Hey, and welcome. This post is a very important one as i am searching for someone to collaborate with! I make Clash Of Clans videos but i am happy to try out new games as long as they are Mobile Games :) If your channel has around 50 subs and you want to collaborate with me make sure to leave...
  8. Raxzy

    Feedback For Clash Royale And Clash Of Clans Gaming Channel

    Hey guys! My channel is called Raxzy and i'd really appreciate some feedback on it. I recently started Youtube and I'm trying everything I can to improve my channel. I would like my channel layout and my latest video which I'll put below to be reviewed. Thanks!
  9. AsaschaYT

    Gaming Searching for someone to Collaborate (Clash Of Clans)

    Hey There :D Are you a Clash Of Clans YouTuber and are also searching to collaborate with someone but can't find anyone? Well look no further as i am searching for the same thing ;D If you are at the age of at least 15 years and max 17 and have at least 50subscribers years i would love to...
  10. Jackpat02rules

    Request [Free] Channel Art, Intro, Outro

    First of all I am aware that this is a lot and it is for free but I want to bring the next level of content to my channel. I will link all of these in the description. What I want in each: CHANNEL ART: I want the following included: My Minecraft skin (Skindex/Planetminecraft), Pokemon and...
  11. TheFreshBiz

    Gaming Clash of Clans! BIG RED

    We are looking for mature active members to join our clan! -War Non- Stop -Must use both attacks (No exceptions) -Donate what is requested Check us out here is the clan tag>>>>> #JGU8L20
  12. GamingwithNick

    Gods of Olympus [CoC Killer]