1. MillieCan

    Advice on getting my first 200 subscribers?

    I cant seem to get out of the 120's range. I am going to begin consistent post,I have a video I am editing tomorrow. But beyond this, I have been so discouraged by the same sub range. I have patience and I am willing to learn. I know it comes wit time, but getting out of this zone feels impossible.
  2. Apollo88

    Request Logo and banner

    Can someone create me a new logo and banner for free i'm a gaming youtuber and would like the art to be related to my name if you could that would be great
  3. creationsbys

    How to;Yin Yang Paracord Bracelet

    Hello to all, In this tutorial we will show you;How to create Yin-Yang bracelet made of paracord. Endless battle between Good and Evil. Enjoy

    Is My Channel Design/Logo Good Enough?

    I'm wondering if my channel design is good enough for what i'm doing or i should do something a bit more simplified or work on it a bit more.