1. M

    Becoming a YT celeb?

    Hey yters, This afternoon I was recognized by someone and I wasn't as excited about it as I thought I would be. I've only been youtubing for about 8 months and I was kind of taken by surprise, I wasn't expecting to get recognized so soon and more importantly, it got me thinking about what...
  2. probablybetterthanyourmom

    Illuminati confirmed meme video (Kylie Jenner)

    I just made my first illuminati confirmed video it's aight
  3. breitempire

    First Celebrity Interviewm

    So I scored my first high profile interview. I am interviewing the the Former Drummer for Journey Deen Castronovo. He is recently former and you can google his name to find out why. But he is a huge car person and it fits into my channels content. I need some advice on interview questions...