cartoon graphics

  1. Tobe Gaming

    Request Gaming Youtube Channel Request.

    Afternoon guys... brand new to the forum... I am Tobey, 28 and from the UK. I'm married and have two kids. I am starting a gaming YouTube channel and would love some help with some graphics... (Banner, Thumbnail and Intro/Outro video) I will try to explain what I'm after... BANNER.. A police...
  2. Shoesy

    Request Looking for some channel art similar to slogomans, willing to pay (see image attached)

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for somebody who's very good at drawing cartoons on a PC, to help me out with a channel banner. I'd like it in the style of the attached image however I'll go into more details when we speak. So long as I'm happy with the banner I'm more than willing to come to an...
  3. KingSpicy!


    Hello there ppl, I need an artist who can draw me some cartoon-styled body shots of me with different facial expressions. Hopefully there's an artist out there who can do some for me for FREE, so if any of you are willing to help me out, LET ME KNOW PLEASE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!
  4. TiredGiraffeHD

    Services 2D Cartoon/Drawn Graphics!

    Hello there you probably clicked on this page because you're interested in 2D cartoon/drawn graphics designs! well let me tell you something you came to the right place, here I will show you some of the graphics I made and some of the prices for my graphics! Since my graphics store is new I...