call to action

  1. C

    Does Call to action help your channel?

    Hey so I wanted to ask the community if call to action helps your channel, like does this increase subscriber and viewer count? or is this another tactic of just asking for subscribers?
  2. RashadTheCreator

    Social Media Green Screens?

    Hey guys, Does anyone use social media green screens to plug your social media sites e.g facebook/instagram? I'm currently using Kinemaster on Android to edit my videos, and have stumbled upon this term while looking for ways to animate my 'call to action'. I need to know: What exactly they...
  3. B

    Adding less relevant content at ends of videos to override with calls to action?

    When I upload my first few videos and later want to tweak the calls to action or use other calls to action - is it possible to actually trim out more than 20 seconds or add more audio/video content to the running time with Enhancements? If this is not possible could I add some extra credit roll...
  4. Quick Question

    Do you act on Call-To-Actions?

    I am wondering if I should continue to use call to actions. They haven't really seemed to do much and I feel like everyone that uses YouTube is versed enough to do it on their own if they so choose. So I'd like to see how you, experienced YouTubers, respond to people that say "Like this video...
  5. S

    Are you using CTAs on your channel?

    CTA stands for Call-To-Action for those of you who don't know what it is. It is a strategy that activates immediate response on a website. Basically you are telling the viewer to do something right now in hopes that they will do it immediately in order to benefit your channel in some way. Are...
  6. FatherofTwo

    Subscribe annotation?

    Hey there guys, Looking for honest feedback, early on I was told to ditch my annotation to subscribe in my outro video because it was 'tacky' according to one person. Since then I was busy creating videos, up-loading, and chasing small children around the house. So I haven't given it much...
  7. itsonbtv

    Are End Cards Still Needed?

    YouTube is constantly evolving and end cards have been a great way of getting people to subscribe and click over to another specific video, but with the newer feature CARDS, it makes it easier and works on mobile unlike the end cards we have to make ourselves and then add annotations to them...
  8. FraYoshi

    Call to Action option

    Ehi there! I just noticed a curios "call-to-action" right now on the video manager!! Anybody has? Update: It's a function that appears only when you set a video as an ad ^^