call of duty infinite warfare

  1. ChrisXP97

    Gaming Call of Duty Sniping Collaboration

    Looking for people to collab with. Mostly trying to get into the call of duty scene rn but planning on expanding to other video games in the near future.
  2. Kannon

    Gaming Looking for people to game with on Youtube.

    Honestly I have gone hard to make youtube videos and create them to help others or just give people a smile. i'm 16 years old, Been doing YouTube for about a year, almost hitting my 100th video, I have 216 subcribers and I want to work with someone. But half of the people I have collaborated...
  3. Vonthax

    Gaming Looking for a cod IW collab partner

    Hello fellow YouTubers! My name is Vonthax and I stream call of duty infinite warfare almost every day on twitch, but now I'm interested in youtubing instead, I have made a channel who's name is vonthax studios, where I edit and gather all the funny parts from my stream. Right now am I working...
  4. Saad Ahmed

    Gaming Call of Duty IW/Bo3 or fifa 17/16 (all ps4) no sub requirement

    I am looking for 2-6 poeple to collab with. I only have a couple of requirements: Be good at Fifa (if you want to collab on fifa) Make a video on your channel of the same vid from your prespective.
  5. Saad Ahmed

    Gaming COD Collab (PS4)

    Hey guys! I would like to collab with multiple of you. So I would like to a 1v1 on either BO3 or IW. In the end we shout out each others channles. I really don't have any requirements other then be respectfull. Thank you.
  6. SalmanHaider

    Services Channel banners , Profile pictures and Thumbnails!

    Hey people, I just want to say if you are looking for Channel banners , Profile pictures and Thumbnails to like i make some Nice quality banners , profile pics and thumbnails so if you want a banner or profile pic or even a thumbnail just contact me on my twitter @Itsspinny (btw its my old...
  7. TheJDGaming

    Gaming Want to make funny gaming videos

    I'm just a small youtuber with 45 subs but I want to get big by making really god and funny videos that will make people laugh. I have every system which includes xbox one,ps4, and pc. games that I want to do are cod infinite warfare for ps4 or bo3 for xbox one and I also have gta for xbox one...
  8. Marceive

    Infinite Warfare guys doesn't like my bombs :( (Funny moments)

    So, I made this video today, and apparently not too many people likes my bombs, I'm really sad about it, lol
  9. Marceive

    An Infinite Warfare video I made, wowwww

    Noowwwww, I hate this game with a passion, but I loved the video I made. I hope you guys enjoy this video because this video was hilarious in my opinion, but of course, that's just me. Tell me what you think!
  10. Braxton Hooks