call duty black ops 3

  1. The Shadow Hunter

    40 subscribers and 7500 views!!

    Finally after waiting some time my channel get some views. I've started two months ago and I'm very pleased with it. It's one of my best hobbies and I'm addicted to upload videos and making the videos.
  2. S

    Collab with me?

    would anyone like to do a collab with my to get more subscribers. I will do it on a gaming video on the Xbox one so if anyone would like to do one and has around300-500 subs contact me
  3. PlaidNGlasses

    What do you think of this new thumbnail?

  4. PlaidNGlasses

    Over Edit Thumbnail

    I have always seen these call of duty thumbnails where it looks kind of cool and very edited so i tried my hands on one. What you think?
  5. Onister Gaming

    Lets Talk About the new Call of Duty's!

    Tell me what you think do you like or dislike the new cod, and tell me why! :)
  6. B

    Review my channel pls

    I recently made my first channel and have been posting Black Ops 3 Killtages. Please tell me if you like the videos and if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments. Channel:
  7. vspecialistv

    "KUDA ALL DAY" Black Ops 3 Kuda Multiplayer Gameplay - Ps4

    Today's video is a Black ops 3 multiplayer gameplay of me using the best smg in BO3, the Kuda. Almost all SMGs are great weapons but the Kuda is the best. I was also using the robot specialist, one of my favorite in the the game. Thank you for watching Follow me at: Twitter...
  8. vspecialistv

    "BO3 Is so fun" Black Ops 3 44/7 K/D Multiplayer Gameplay - PS4

    Hi guys, vSPECIALISTv here with a Call of Duty Black Ops 3 multiplayer gameplay. I get 44 kills and 7 deaths, i was using the Kuda Sub machine gun. Thank you for watching Follow me at: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube...