1. Dawayne West

    Gaming Looking for more people to collab with my yt group

    Hey y'all me and my friends just started our gaming group called gamerz playz we basically mess around on games (on xbox for now) and have a good time we are right now only a 4 man team but we are up to collab with anyone no reauiremnets necessary the only requirement really is if you can take...
  2. D

    Gaming Friday the 13th (Xbox one)

    looking for people that what to make some Friday the 13th videos.
  3. BaileyWorld

    Gaming Looking for someone to play custom zombies with!!!

    Hey guys my name is Bailey I am 14 and have my own youtube channel BaileyWorld. I make skits, challenges, and gaming. I really want to make some custom nazi zombie waw videos but i cant find anyone to play with me. Things you should know, is i make family friendly content, so not too much...
  4. ByteSizedGaming

    Gaming Join now to be apart of a Gaming Community!!

    We are looking for some very dedicated gamer's of all systems to join our community and upload to our channel! Joining will not only help out your personal channel, it will also help you meet new people, and hopefully new friends as well. If you are interested in applying, please do not be...
  5. Ignite

    Gaming Looking for people to add to gaming group

    So I usually play with 2 other people but I would like to get more people to play with as not everyone is always online Looking for people on Xbox one who just want to have a laugh, can take a joke and doesn't take anything that seriously I mostly play Call of duty and GTA V but I also have...
  6. spookayed

    Other Anyone want to do a challenge collab ?

    Hey would anyone be interested in doing a challenge collab with me? I have a few ideas but I want to know your ideas for the collab as well I live in New York so if anyone lives near me and wants to collab let me know thank you !!
  7. Dexter911

    Gaming Looking for funny pc, xbox crew

    Hey guys. My names Dexter and I'm fairly new to YouTube. I have a couple of videos up that have done decent for the channels size. I'm currently looking for a group of guys, or girls to play some pc or Xbox games with. I currently play all sorts of mini click games but I have gmod...
  8. Gold Raptor

    Gaming Collab long term

    Im 18 looking for anyone who wants to play and just mess around doing so, I have close to 30 subs and want to grown with others.
  9. sequan123

    favorite music?

    what is your favorite music when uploading your gameplay
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