1. Brandzor

    CIVILIZATION 6: Sumeria Playthrough - #3 The Barbarian Coast!

    Come join me as I travel down the 'Barbarian Coast' in order to establish my Sumerian dominance! (WARNING: This episode may contain a huge amount of Barbarians) Just another episode of my Sumeria walkthrough geezers. Still haven't found Gandhi. Feel free to Like geezers: @BrandzorGaming
  2. Brandzor

    Papers, Please! EP1 - THE TRUMP EXPERIENCE!

    First day of border patrol. Strap yourselves in for the ultimate Trump Experience! (may contain explosions). Check out some of my Papers, Please! gameplay! Thanks geezers, if you wanna drop me a cheeky follow find me on twitter - @BrandzorGaming
  3. Brandzor

    CIV 6 - Sumeria Let's Play - #1 It's Sumeria All The Time!

    It's time for... WORLD DOMINATION!?! (Sumeria Style). Check out the latest episode of my CIV6 Let's play in which I attempt to take over the world and most importantly stop the tyrannical dictator that is GANDHI!? Feel free to check out my tweets, geezers! @BrandzorGaming
  4. Brandzor

    You've been HYPNODISKED! - CS:GO Robot Wars (EP1)

    It's dark. You're alone in the forest. You hear a noise. You go towards the noise. You look behind a bush... BAM! YOU'VE BEEN HYPNODISKED! Basically, CS:GO + ROBOT WARS = Best combo ever. Check out the video and see some hot robot on robot action!
  5. Brandzor

    Soulja Boy & Hobo Kisses - Would You Rather (EP1)

    Today, I face some most difficult questions ever to face mankind in a quick game of Would You Rather! Needless to say, new brain plz?