boyfriend and girlfriend challanges

  1. George Hudson

    Boyfriend Vs Girlfriend

    Hi All, Wishing you all a happy new year. Today I uploaded a brand new video with my girlfriend where we ask each other some questions about each other. Would be great if you could check it out and leave some feedback. I will return the favour. Thanks
  2. Jack Swish


    Hello everyone, Watch my new video- the boyfriend VS girlfriend Pie Face Showdown challenge. See the Hasbro kids game Pie Face Showdown with a twist. There is 3 rounds of the pie face challenge, with different items going on the Pie Face hand. Rounds: 1. fried egg 2. tomato ketchup 3. whipped...
  3. Bobby and Emily

    I got Lucky!

    I got lucky to meet a girl like my girlfriend :) Check out our channel to see how awesome she is.
  4. Bobby and Emily

    Challenge Ideas!!

    Hi guys, My boyfriend and I started a youtube channel and have already done some challenges but would love to make a thread for people to post some challenges they have done so we can try them!! we have already done a sand castle contest and the whisper challenge.
  5. Rita-Marie Hartford


    So, I am thinking about uploading a few more times than just once. What are the tricks that you all love to do? How do you plan your videos? I normally get a few ideas and run with it or whatever is popular. Also, any tips for uploading more than once a week? I wanna start uploading at...