borderlands 2

  1. Scooter

    Gaming Starting a small gaming group!

    Hello! As of now, im looking for more people to play with! Any age as long as you upload good content. I mainly play: Minecraft TF2 BF1 Borderlands 2 CS:GO Overwatch Check out my channel if you want, i have an old channel of 132 subs and started fresh. Discord: Scooty#2672 Hmu if your...
  2. rfletch11

    Gaming Borderlands/Borderlands 2

    What up everyone, Just putting it out there to see if anyone wants to do a Borderlands or Borderlands 2 collab?
  3. MadJack

    Gaming Looking for some collaboration! [PC Only]

    Hello All, So I'm currently looking for YouTubers to collaborate with and also become friends with too. This is will be a great opportunity to help other small creators like myself and be motivated to edit and also upload more as well. Here are some things you must have before we can collab...
  4. The Manic Medic

    Gaming Borderlands 2 Collab Xbox One

    Hey there everyone, Medic here, we are looking for some help with our Borderlands 2 playthrough or possibly starting a different game all together.
  5. L

    Gaming Searching for pc gaming collab

    Hi, My Real Name is Mehdi My YouTube channel is LuckyBoy i don't have a lot of subscribers i only have 5 cause i don't have anybody to record game plays with (i have some friends but they don't want me to record them playing) I like to collaborate with someone The Game That I LIKE To Play...
  6. Horizon247

    Gaming Any body still on PS3 collab with me..!!!

    Any body still on PS3... Looking For>>>> Gamers that really like to play and enjoys being recorded or wants to record with me side-by-side. Just come on here and leave a note... SERIOUSLY LEAVE A NOTE :) Game that I play: GTA V Destiny Borderlands 2 NBA 2k15 there lots of game out there that I...
  7. Crogamer11

    Which game shall I play next Borderlands 2 or Crysis 2?

    Hello guys I finished Batman Arkham Origins on my channel today and I need to buy new game on my channel. I dont know what to play next, Borderlands 2 or Crysis 2? What do you think, which game is better and what game you want to watch next?