1. Bass Boost

    700,000 Subscribers - AmA!

    Heyo! I just hit the 700k mark and I'm super excited to see what the future holds for me and my brand. To celebrate this huge milestone, I decided to do something different - a iAmA thread. Feel free to Ask me Anything, and I'll be sure to answer. Also if you want some advice regarding your...
  2. AuthorFilms Studios

    Large subscriber boost!?

    I had 39 subscribers yesterday, I checked back today and I had 52?! I usually only gain a sub a day. And this wasn't youtube lagging behind. Why would I have such a sudden boost? Are these bots? EDIT: Still going up past 60 subs, but the rate has slowed down. I think I was shared somewhere as a...
  3. FraYoshi

    Lazy Boosting old videos

    Do u ever review your old published contents? Sometime I "rewind" them and boost my tags, add a subtitle, share it again... But It takes a lot of time... (to me) Do You ever make these kind of power ups on your channels?