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  2. ZulfPhotography

    Meet Up/Gathering UK, Birmingham YouTubers

    Hi guys. Joined today I actively post on my YT channel ZulfPhotography. Looking to test the waters and see if there are potential collaborations near me. Ideally similar subs I think I'm on just over 3k. Who's from the West Midlands? Let's get creative.. Example thumbnail of types of videos I...
  3. D

    Where to post videos? Effective Keywords? Thanks.

    Hey guys, So I'm working on a sketch channel, I made videos a while ago then stopped for a while. But trying to get back into it. I never know where I can submit comedy videos to help get viewers. Also what is the most effective way with tagging videos. Does tagging videos really help with the...
  4. Rauno

    Android Screen Recorder

    Hello there, I would like to introduce you a video recording method that is quite new and some of you may not have heard of. Hardware and software requrements: Android device that has software version higher than 5.0 (about 30% of all Android devices and it is growing). What you can do ...
  5. RayonIsRayon

    The Walking Dead: Daryl & Carol (The Wedding)!!

    I don't normally talk about The Walking Dead in my videos but i just couldn't keep my thoughts in on this subject. If your into The Walking Dead, show some support and watch and maybe even share your thoughts about the subject. Heart your face;)