black ops 2

  1. Grifn4ge

    Gaming YouTube and Twitch Gamers

    I'm a new YouTuber/Twitch Streamer, and want to collaborate with other people. I will be playing lots of games on Steam and some on Xbox 360 and PS4. Respond to this thread if you are interested. BTW I have TeamSpeak3, Discord, and Skype and can record almost whenever. Discord- Grifn4ge#7528...
  2. Forrz

    Gaming Black Ops 2 Xbox Collab

    Hey y'all I want to record Black Ops 2 with ppl soon add me on Discord my Discord is Forr_z#0795 my Xbox Gamertag is ForrzPlayz hit me up to play and record together
  3. Alex "Rinkles"


    As you can see by the title I'm looking for fellow trickshotters that play any or all call of dutys and that are decently skilled at trickshotting and that like to make YT videos (Add me on xbox L Rinkles L)
  4. Xeno-YT

    Gaming Any PS3 Players Who Want To Collab? 500+ subs

    Are there any Youtubers who'd like to collab on either Black Ops 2 or GTA 5 or even Minecraft on PS3? Requirements: • At least 50 subs • Age: 11-14 • At least 1 video on your channel (So I can see if you're good) How to contact me: • Add me on Skype: xeno_youtube • Twitter: ItzXenoo •...
  5. Miksa Szollosi

    Gaming Looking for PC collabs

    Hello there. I am looking to collaborate with people on PC. I am not about the whole 'only collab to get subs' concept so you're welcome to collab with any subs! :) (I am in the Central Time ) I have a few requirements though! --> Requirements <-- Good microphone (doesn't need to be a blue...
  6. Miksa Szollosi

    Gaming PC Gaming Group

    Hey guys! I am Miksa and I am looking for people to collab with on pc in the US/Canada area. Mainly csgo and perhaps black ops 2. You need to be nice, respectful, not swear in videos (well, try not to at least) and have a sense of humour that doesn't hurt anyone. Here are the requirements; -Age...
  7. H

    Gaming Black Ops 2, Xbox 360 6 man S&D and TDM Teammates Needed for RC Challenges, Trickshotting.

    Hey Guys!! Im trying to complete a few Recruitment Challenges, if you wanna 6 man on bo2 in TDM or S&D, hmm on my twitter or IG, Hollywood13Game. Looking for moderate to advanced trickshotters, if your already in a tricks hotting clan, maybe we can hookup and play a few games and talk about...
  8. Onister Gaming

    First Cutcom!

  9. G

    Gaming Xbox 360 collab!!

    Hello Im armin and i am looking for People to collab with on Xbox i am 15 and i live in Sweden i currently have 400+ subs and i have Xbox 360 but planing to get ps4. I want to make creative and funny vids. Requirements to have a Good mic to have elgato or hdpvr No squeakers Plz To have...
  10. Onister

    Black Ops 2 Trickshoting as a noob

    Part 1 Part 2 hey everyone just got a new hobby and want to share it.
  11. NovaOMG

    Black Ops 2 Mod Trolling #4 Hacking Account

    I do Black Ops 2 Mod Trolling videos on YouTube and some other cool stuff, i love doing these videos as they are fun to make an enjoyable to watch, it would be appreciated if you can take your time to leave a like and a comment on my video, you don't have to but it just helps me out ;)
  12. NovaOMG

    What gives you motivation to do YouTube videos?

    Mines is getting joy out of people watching my videos, getting feedback and likes, i like creating content that i enjoy watching back, even editing a video that i am creating always makes me happy as i know i am putting my time and effort into it to make it the best it can possibly be.