1. vCadge

    Vlog Birmingham AL Anyone?

    Looking to collab on anything in Birmingham! Reply or comment on one of my videos and i'll get back to you:wavespin:
  2. CorinneBryan

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Youtubers Near Birmingham UK?

    Heey I'm wondering if any youtubers are close to birmingham and want to do a big meet up!? :D x
  3. R

    Comedy Public Pranking Around UK Birmingham / Coventry

    Hey I'm Rhys a YouTuber with over 8000 combined views Recently I've been wanting to start public pranking but I Cant do it by myself! I thinking a collab would be great! just a few things before replying... I don't want to meet a 40 y/o so I only want to collab with someone over 11 and under 15...
  4. kojohnsn

    Meet Up/Gathering Any vloggers based in Manchester/London/Birmingham/Hudds???

    or anywhere close to those cities? I was just wondering because it seems like every vlogger/youtuber are US based with sexy accents :rolleyes: Let me know; lets be friends :D