1. bboytlil

    JUST LIVE LIFE | Spring Vlog 2017

    YOOO~ What is up everyone, so this is my Spring 2017 VLOG! I decided to put a bunch of fun clips together during the beginning of Spring! Since Spring is pretty much way over I thought it would be cool to share with you all these awesome moments and memories. Enjoy the video as you'll be seeing...
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    The Life I Live [EP 14] - Karaoke, Anime & Bboy Practice

    This is my VLOG from last week. I wanted to share with you guys more about me and the things I do in my somewhat daily life. This week you'll be seeing us hanging out at Round 1, playing video games and a few highlight clips of bboy practice of the week. Enjoy the video and I'll try to upload...
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    Anyone can dream, dreams aren't just for talent people, but to people who make it as their dreams!

    Anyone can dream, dreams aren't just for talent people, but to people who make it as their dreams! Shooting Star shows you guys parts of other cities In California while dancing, filming, meet new people, eating food, adventuring, doing street shows and going to Anime Gatherings & Conventions...
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    How To Breakdance: How To Flare Tutorial | bboytlil

    In this video you'll be learning on how to do a Flare! (Step By Step) Many of you guys have been asking me to start making tutorials again and kept encouraging me with these awesome positive comments, so i decided to do it since I miss teaching! I had alot of fun making this video! I really hope...
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    Studio Session Vol. 35 - Windmill To Airflare & Airflare (Progression) | bboytlil

    This week in Studio Session Vol. 35, you'll be seeing my progression throughout this month trying to get better with Windmill To Airflare. I recently changed my airflare form and holy~ the difference in this form feels way better as I can easily do more transitions and combos. Thanks everyone...
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    Dancing while traveling, eating and seeing new talent is the best feeling!

    YOOO~ Impaofsweden just recently made a English Cover to BTS song Wings and she did an amazing job with it that I just had use the song! This is one of my favorite song from the album since it gives you that awesome vibe and makes you just want to live it up! If you like anime, food, adventure...
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    The Journey: Bboying, Anime Gathering & Fanime | bboytlil

    Hope this inspires you guys to get out there and live life because life is short. Do what makes you happy and most of all enjoy the moments and cherish it.
  8. bboytlil

    Dance For Second Chance - Inspirational Short Film | bboytlil

    At one point in life I went through a very deep depression which cause me to have anxiety, lack of self confidence, pain, social isolation and suicidal thoughts due to a lost of two friends who were family to me. I felt empty inside and was drowning in my emotions. The only things during that...
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    Studio Session Vol. 34 - Flare Airflare To 1990 & (KYS) Windmill Flare (COMBOS) | bboytlil

    HEY all you awesome people out there, so this is my bboy weekly progression.This week in Studio Session Vol. 34 you'll be seeing my Flare Airflare To 1990 & (KYS) Windmill to Flare combos! I was always inspired by Bboy The End and watching him do his Windmill to Flare is just simply amazing...
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    Studio Session Vol. 33 - Flare To 1990 & Airflare To 1.5 (Progression) | bboytlil

    YOOO~ It's Friday so I gotta hit you guys with another Studio Session! This week in Studio Session Vol. 33 practice has been super good since I was able to hit my Flare To 1990s, Airflare To 1.5 and also I'm working on baby airflare! This airflare variation is freaking hard and insane, but once...
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    Bboying while traveling to anime conevntions and having fun is the best feeling!

    I just want to live a life where I can eat all the good food, see nice places, film videos, meet new people and dance at Anime Conventions with good/positive vibes. The world is filled with people with scars, but every soul has a melody. So to anyone who's feeling negative just think about the...
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    Vloging & Dancing at Norcal Winter Cosplay Gathering!

    It was amazing seeing everyone at the Norcal Fall/Winter Cosplay Gathering! There were sooo many good vibes! We had a lot of fun catching up with everyone, talked about Kpop and started our own dance circle and got some cosplayers to join us and got ourselves some Boiling Point! Enjoy the video...
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    Hey everyone, so we starting off 2017 with our breakdance progression! :D

    Hey everyone, so we starting off 2017 with Studio Session Vol. 32! This week we'll be showing you our Bboy progression! We had a lot of fun and everyone definitely killed the dancefloor! I hope you guys enjoy the video and have an awesome weekend!
  14. bboytlil

    StylezT10 remix to Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Title Theme! While I breakdance

    Hey everyone, so this is my bboy weekly progression! This week in Studio Session Vol. 31 i'll be showing you guys my improvement with Double Barrel Mills, Elbow Airflare, Toprocks & Blow ups while you guys get to listen to StylezT10 remix to Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Title Theme! This...
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    Best 2015-2016 FUNNY MOMENTS of my life!

    Today on The Life I Live Episode 8 I'll be bringing you some nostalgic FEELS with the best moments of 2015-2016 of my life. This is a bunch of random funny clips I put together throughout the year! OHH GAWD~The things I do with my friends, those crazy KPOP moments and just soo much randomness...
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    If you like anime, food, adventure, good vibes, dancing and KPOP. This video is meant for you~

    Hey all you awesome people~ ^_^ First off I just gotta say Janny's English Cover to this song was sooo goood~ OKAAAY sooo, BIGBANG recently released a new song called FXXK It and HOLY~ THIS SONG IS FREAKING LIT! so I was inspired to make a video showing you guys my adventure in life. If you like...
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    Bboy Anime Montage:「Taboo Tattoo OP」 - Belief [AnimeSongCollabo Band Cover]

    Hey everyone, so this is my Bboy montage to the anime Taboo Tattoo Opening! Taboo Tattoo was one of my recent anime that I got done watching and there are a few things that I have to say about this anime. First off, OP & ED is fantastic since May'n and TRIGGER are the singers! :D This anime had...
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    The Life I Live [EPISODE 1] - Bboying, Anime & Inspirations!

    Yoo! What is up everyone~ I'm now starting another series on my channel and it's called THE LIFE I LIVE. It's pretty much a vlog showing you what I do on a daily, to the things I talk about and of course you'll be seeing me practice at the studio. I had a lot of fun with this video and hope you...
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    [Cover] BTS - Young Forever | bboytlil

    Hey everyone, so Chole did an super amazing cover to BTS new song Young Forever. If you like kpop, food, dancing, adventure, film and awesome effects Don't miss out and hit that PLAY BUTTON!