battlefield 3

  1. MZ-101

    Gaming I’m willing to collaborate with anyone on PC

    The title might be eye catching, but it ain’t misleading. It just needs a bit of clarification. I am willing to collaborate with anyone, but I’m not gonna’ feature you on my channel. I will, however, shout you out on my videos, Twitter, and possibly my video description. I may make a video...
  2. MZ-101

    Gaming Any Battlefield from Bad Company 2 and up, Rainbow Six: Siege or CS:GO! (PC)

    Their isn't much to add really... I'm looking for player those games who has 200 subscribers and up. A good Commentator with videos to show for it and is motivated!
  3. Michael Copeland

    Gaming Call of Duty/ Battlefield Collab?

    Hey guys. I'm Michael from JunkBoxGaming. I have picked up Call of Duty Black Ops and Black Ops 2 recently for the Ps3 and I have Battlefiled Bad Company 1 and 2 and Battlefield 3 for the xbox 360. I am looking for people to play these games with in the multiplayer mode. Here are some...
  4. IvjazVI

    Gaming Playstaion 3, Call of Duty, Battlefield or Destiny

    If anyone is intrested in playing any off the titles comment your psn name and I will add you as soon as possible 16+
  5. Puck Mitchell

    I'll just leave this here shall I? Anyone Love a good mountain?

    Alo elo there one and all. This video I am about to share is one even I come to watch now and again and thank myself for that brief entertainment. This is a commentary of a trip me and my cousin made to our first mountain here in the UK - MT Snowdon. I over-dramatise slightly for effect but I...