battlefield 1

  1. Surrendead

    Not your typical Music style

    I hope theres enough semblance in it to be called music but its a bunch of beats made up of gun sounds from battlefield 1. I hope you guys like it, and let me know how it is!
  2. MajesticBox

    BATTLEFIELD 1 Multiplayer Gameplay - The Good Old Epic Fails

    BATTLEFIELD 1 Multiplayer Gameplay - The Good Old Epic Fails Hope you enjoy the video
  3. X

    Through Mud and Blood - Battlefield 1 Walkthrough Gameplay (Part 1)

  4. Snake delta

    Battlefield 1 objective gamplay getting flags with a shotgun

    hi there this was recorded of a couple of rounds of the first three hours of multiplayer on conquest monte grappa map getting the flags and playing the objective
  5. Surrendead

    Beginner Pilot School Strategies - Battlefield 1

    Some beginner strategies for piloting in battlefield 1, let me know what you all think, any feedback is appreciated!
  6. SensualC4

    No HUD - Battlefield 1 Medic Syringe Challenge ;)

    Hey Ya'll finished this video montage of me play a "combat" medic in Battlefield 1 - the goal is to get kills with syringe only, I had some good runs hope you enjoy!
  7. Surrendead

    Battlefield 1 Campaign Full Play Part 2 "Friends in High Places

    Hi everyone! This is a taste of my commentary while playing through the battlefield 1 campaign, I try to keep talking to a minimum during the cutscenes, so let me know what you guys think of the commentary, thanks!
  8. Atomicred

    Battlefield 1 FUN!

    Hope you enjoy
  9. G-Legend

    Commentary Just a smller YouTuber looking for an FPS gaming commentator to collab with!

    What's up guys? I'm just a smaller YouTuber (35 subs as of writing this) and I commentate on EA's FPS games with some other FPS games on the side. I focus mainly on tips, tricks, strategies; that sort of thing in my commentaries. I'm currently working with Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 so if...
  10. 2Hard4theCore

    Battlefield 1 Montage

    I'm having a blast playing battlefield 1 so i decided to make a little montage of how amazing this game is. Let me know what you think :)
  11. M

    Gaming I am looking for someone to make videos with.

    I am open to most games. I am a college student so I don't have a lot of money to buy new games but am planning on buting Bf1. I would love to collaborate with anyone.
  12. GarciasWorld

    Do You Own a Man Child? - Battlefield 1 Beta Gameplay

    Man Child Matt here! I made a two funny videos surrounding Battlefield 1 - Beta (soon to be three funny Videos). I am preparing for Battlefield 1 when it comes out next month. I am sure there are others out there preparing as well! Does anyone else have any fun videos surrounding Battlefield...
  13. MZ-101

    Worked my best to keep it interesting! Whether you're into gaming or not!

    My main goal when it comes to producing my videos is to keep people interested! I'm worried that I might lose someones attention and I focus on fixing that issue the most. I always, try to make friends and associates who aren't interested in gaming watch and ask them to stop the video the moment...
  14. Voov


    First comment on the video is going to get a shoutout! Don't miss out ;)
  15. MarkGames

    Battlefield 1 How to win

    Appreciate it if you could check out my channel:D
  16. MZ-101

    Gaming Any Battlefield from Bad Company 2 and up, Rainbow Six: Siege or CS:GO! (PC)

    Their isn't much to add really... I'm looking for player those games who has 200 subscribers and up. A good Commentator with videos to show for it and is motivated!
  17. MZ-101

    Got a new cinematic Montage called "Bang!' That I really want reviewed!

    THE REVIEW IS SIMPLE AND STRAIGHT FORWARD For almost 2 days I worked on Cinematic Montage for Battlefield 1. The whole idea behind is for it to be a minute of awesomeness! It's almost like a cool trailer. The video has not been getting it's fair share of views and while close friends have liked...
  18. Puck Mitchell

    Hello, once again! I NEED YOU! [finger point]

    Alo Elo! This is an introduction to my channel. I'd say it is a little different but I had fun making it and I hope you enjoy the fruits of that labour! Enjoy! You can critique as much as you like, it is how I ended up making this! - ThePuckingtonReborn
  19. Puck Mitchell

    Battlefield One brings me back a bit..

    I sincerely hope Battlefield One brings that old feeling from the age old battlefield bad company 2. It was a masterpiece that even DICE struggle to understand why... It was the balance but also the weight of the weapons and the clunky running. It forced you to play slow(on console anyway) and...
  20. Navinax

    Is Battlefield 1 Really Epic? My Thoughts on the Game

    In today's episode Navinax gives his opinion and thoughts on Battlefield 1. He absolutely loved the way it looked and to keep in mind that it is still in an early stage, so there will be a lot of improvements still!
  21. MZ-101

    Enjoy a little Battlefield 1 - EA PLAY ROUND-UP!

    Got some Battlefield 1 gameplay going, Enjoy. Leave a comment either here or on YouTube with your thoughts on the video and can I improve on.
  22. MZ-101

    Checkout this video. Trying new, more direct approach

    This post is mainly directed to one person who gave me a very good advice but, anyone can see and leave their opinion and review. If you enjoyed please do, Subscribe. @NothingToDoCrew let me know what do you think!?
  23. Navinax

    GameChanger - World of Warcraft, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, BFvsGF

    A little back story to GameChanger and what it is. Basically it is a new series where Navinax will give his thoughts and opinions on trending topics and news. In this episode in particular we talk about what Blizzard did with World of Warcraft, how CoD Bundled two games and BFvGF taking a break...
  24. Maxemole

    Why Battlefield 1 Can Be A Good Idea

    As always, hope you all enjoy!