Gaming [PC]Looking for youtuber to collab

    I'm looking for Youtuber that is 12+ PC only. Requirements Minecraft GTA V,CsGo,black ops 2,arma3 left for dead 1,2 Skype: Age: Ign: Steam: I have 3300+ subscribers Channel:UCdLCjpdxjlv5lIaNQqWzaYQ
  2. ChaseAndFriends

    Is it bad to have bait thumbnails???

    So I NEVER use anything that could be considered "bait" in my thumbnails. Recently, however, I had it suggested to me by a fellow YouTuber. I tried it out and I did get more views than I normally do. I don't want to make this an ongoing thing, though. I feel guilty for some reason. I just need...
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