1. The Bloody Nine

    [For Honor] New Arcade Mode Weekly Quest w/ Raider - I Like This Challenge!

    Hey there! I appreciate you checking out some For Honor gameplay, and I think you will find the video entertaining even if you don't own the game - so stick around! Tonight we were playing the new Arcade Mode weekly quest "The Disir of Angrboda". I really enjoy this mode. Nice to have some...
  2. IcyCell

    Gaming Want to do a collab, im down (ps4, in june pc)

    whats up im just a small youtuber with a dream to make people happy with my content and i want to create a group of people who have the same dream ps4 i play fortnite, paladins, world of tanks, crossout and any suggestions pc i play town of salem, cards against humainty and any suggestions
  3. ProfessionalRik

    Overwatch Awesomeness! [ONLY 2 MINUTES]

    I made another compilation video, this time for OVERWATCH! Watch to the end to see what I look like!
  4. HelvetiaGaming

    I just made it to my first 100 subs in 4 weeks!

    Hello you people out there. Somehow i managed to get 100 subs in about 4 weeks now. I can't believe it and i'm so happy. Thanks for the great support! Have an awesome day! :D
  5. Benau

    Getting there! 500 Views, 40 Subscribers, 250 Social Media Follows

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say thank you for all the support! The Benau YouTube channel now has: 40+ Subscribers 500+ Views 250+ Social media follows (not including 670+ on Soundcloud) Thank you guys again!!!
  6. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Tough Mudder 2016 official

  7. DisStalker

    Attack on Titan- Capturing Titans!

    Are we going to catch a Titan? Hope you Enjoy:D
  8. Cybrohazard

    I just had a great idea!

    So about a year ago when I worked at a used car lot, they had us do a promotional video where we danced around like a bunch of f*****g RETARDS to the song "Jump Around", and it really should be under the "CRINGE" category. well I am in the process of getting permission to use the video on my...
  9. Cybrohazard

    I just had a great idea!

    So about a year ago when I worked at a used car lot, they had us do a promotional video where we danced around like a bunch of f*****g RETARDS to the song "Jump Around", and it really should be under the "CRINGE" category. well I am in the process of getting permission to use the video on my...
  10. Cybrohazard

    If you like cyber bullying, you'll love my channel!!

    Hey everyone, I do a series on my channel called Facebook Cancer, you should check them out. If you like them subscribe for more!
  11. MrWils


    I reached 1000views and 35 subs which is awesome! Thanks to all my subs and viewers! I am happy with this because I am just a small starting youtube channel! I hope to learn some extra things about youtube in the future but youtube is a hobby so I am happy with a small channel!
  12. Daed Pierson

    Got my first 10 baby

    i cant believe i got 10 subs in my first 10 subs in my fist moth of my YouTube career please come sub to my channel so we can get to the big 100 YEA HAW
  13. Bow2WildChicken

    Gaming Looking for an awesome youtube to collab with?

    I am! If you are super awesome, a bit on the mature side, preferably 18+ as im 24, and own a pc, then im looking to collab with you! I have a nice library of games, but currently overwatch has been my main! If you play overwatch, minecraft, or any other pc game, and you like games like i like...
  14. dxnielson

    Streaming Tonight

    Streaming tonight from 10:30 to who knows when! It's gonna be awesome!nevermind...
  15. Munesh Ramnarine


    Check this out, can't wait to finally reach 1k subs :)
  16. DanTheLamp

    What LetsPlays should I do?

    Hey! I recently made a Youtube channel and right now I'm just playing The House 2 but after I finish this I need to find something else to do, leave your suggestions below!
  17. AuthorFilms Studios


    So, I hit 100 Subscribers!! 100!!! I actually hit it about a week ago but I wanted to make a video on it! I thought it would take me ages to hit it, but It took me about 5 months! :bounce:
  18. S

    400 total views 8 Subscribers!!!!!

    So have reached 400 views with 8 subscribers, I am very happy of my milestone, thank you all for the tips.
  19. Razz_

    How To Make Amazing Thumbnails! :)

    hey peeps Razzo here, someone requested a tutorial on how to make thumbnails and here it is for anyone in the forums. i don't know everything far from it but i do believe i can show some of you a few trick you may not have known about. if you have any feed back or any advice feel free to...
  20. O

    A MInecraft Channel Really? Yup

    Just wanted to let anyone know that I of course got a channel and want to get it out there so here it is I just do minecraft and other indie like games so if you have some spare time please do check it out.
  21. Vdawg

    40 awesome subscribers!!!!

    Just after hitting 40 subscribers and its absolutely awesome!! I'm delighted :)
  22. Shadow Major


    Hi there guys, I hope you all have had a good start to the new year, please check out my latest video where I try to answer the age old question... what is the difference between an amateur and a professional magician?
  23. DavidThe SpanishNinja


    This is my 100 subscriber special for my channel and i hope you guys can go check it out as well as subscribing to help me get to 150 subscribers. Also i entered a contest for this video so it would help me get a higher chance of winning as well .I love how this website makes my channel grow and...
  24. SassyAngel112

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collaboration

    Hi I am looking for a few people to make Minecraft videos with. I have almost 3.9k subs. I wasn't uploading as much as I used to so my views went down, so I am willing to record with people who have lower amount of subs than me. I really want to do a few mini games such as build battle and...
  25. A

    Couple that prank eachothers

    A couple that prank each other Subscribe pleaseee ❤️
  26. Boggen Bupis

    Services FREE INTROS

    Hi, I make free intros. You can choose the music and I will do the rest or you don't even have to do anything but give me a shoutout from your channel. Email me @ to talk more. Thx
  27. Blakeusness

    10 SUBS! So Happy!

    finally get the 10 subs! so happy! :D :D
  28. DreaM_HD

    Gaming Looking for people for a PC gaming group (like Vanoss or the Sidemen)

    Im a youtuber looking for some awesome people to make a group like the sidemen on YouTube. You need to be 13+ (I am 16), have a good quality mic and good videos on your channel. Also be able to have some top quality banter. Games that i have currently have and we will probably play are gmod...
  29. Melvin

    Services 3D Animated Minecraft Intros (Price on length)

    Hello there fellow Youtubers:bounce:: If you want a good Minecraft intro exactly how you want it for your gaming channel then i'm the guy for you. I can do any Minecraft animation you want just like all the popular you tubers. If you don't believe me watch the newest video on my youtube channel...