1. O

    Music Original Fantasy Oriented Music Circle - Seeking Vocalists, mixers, video eidtors, animators.

    Quintessence Quintessence is an original music group (albums, singles, etc) that is currently looking for vocalists, video editors, an artist, a mixer, and an animator. We focus on a fantasy oriented setting, with meaningful topics. Genres include pop, edm, orchestral, and symphonic metal...
  2. O

    Music Quintessence - Original/Cover Music Group - Auditions (Singers, composers, mixers, + more)

    If interested please visit us on twitter @Quintessencetwt for audition forms and vocalist samples/links! Quintessence is an upcoming music circle, and music group. We will mainly create original songs and content, however we will occasionally do covers. Quintessence will release music that can...
  3. S

    Short Film Collab Channel Auditions!!!

    Want to be on a sak channel?? Audition For Seven Musical Skitters at our channel: Seven Musical Skitters You Can Reuse The Audition You Made For Seven Awesome Kids etc.! More Info: We are a collab channel starting up where you have to do a video every tuesday etc. the creative director (me)...
  4. Juliana Sabo

    Vlog Collab Channel looking for THREE new members!

    Hello! I'm part of a collab channel called 20Something, and we're looking to add three new members to the crew! A bit about the channel: as the channel name suggests, we're a group of vloggers in their mid-20s. We post Monday-Friday, with a different vlogger posting each day (the days we're...