1. Hi!MyNameIsJan

    What if you are only a thought of a higher being ? I explore this in my new video

    Hello ! Normaly i do comic comedy - and i will continue doing that. But i just had this itch to make this video so i went for it. Through my stickman charakter im exploring if your whole existence is just the thought of a higher being, flashing through his consciusness.
  2. Dylan the New Republican

    Other Atheism doesn't make sense. God argument is stronger!

    Hey YTalk, As you have probably seen through my last posts I am a very political person. Not only do I stand by my political beliefs I am also a bit of a religious nerd too. I LOVE apologetics! First off I'm not going to go on the basis that "well hey, how can you explain the planets, and our...
  3. Purely Peña


    Hey everyone, so I have been m.i.a. from the forums for a while. Really it has been becausxe I have been focusing on my YT channel, and creating different content. I am glad I could set aside a little bit of time to come back to the forum. I love this forum, and just feel like I need to...